Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Bar Coding in Administering Medication Case Study

Bar Coding in Administering Medication - Case Study ExampleSuch a incident arises when all the intended information about the patient and the medication is not communicated to the doctors, nurses and other support staff with all clarity. Bar coding provides a tried solution to such errors. With the help of suspend autographSpeed of identifying the patient, illness, prescription, past history, complications encountered and so on increases manifold. Instead of going through the lengthy papers, a bar code helps in comprehensively identifying the patient, thus helping in saving the precious time and the life of the patient.Label design, barcode and printing software The label can be designed with information regarding the medication being given to the patient, his medical history, his identification, lab specimen collection, verification of blood products prior to transfusion, electronic charge capture of supplies at the point of use, automated medicine dispensing system, informatio n about doctors and other support staff etc.Pharmacy Management Software & Pharmacy Management applied science Providers Such comprehensive systems are provided by QS/1, PanaceaRX, AmerisourceBergen Technology Group, Retail Management Solutions, Speed Script, SRS Systems, RXLink, RS Software, AdvanceNet Health Solutions, Etreby Computer Company, Inc., Per-Se Technologies (formerly NDCHealth), PharmTrak, OPUS-ISM, McKesson Pharmacy Systems, HBS Pharmacy Services, Soft Writers, Inc., THOT Corporation, CarePoint, Inc., HCC Pharmacy Solutions, JASCORP etc.Hardware Requirements To handle the bar coding effectively in health care sector, all the above mentioned software require adequate hardware support. For the performance of eMAR services we needA dependable computer/s with good amount of hard disk space, DD RAM and a latest processor fitted with the bar code reading software and other peripherals.An LCD monitor works well with such systems as it occupies lesser space and the screen i n more than readable.Bar Code Scanner/ imagerID Bar code printer. This printer has to be a

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