Monday, June 24, 2019

Mr. Jones Healthcare Needs and Support for His Family Research Paper

Mr. Jones Health wish Needs and Support for His Family - Research Paper ExampleMr. Jones is in the dependent client role stage of illness. In this stage, the enduring or client is dependent on healthcare professionals for medical services. The client also relies on the professionals for the relief of the symptoms or injuries (Lippincott & Wilkins, 2013). In the dependent client role, the patient receives and accepts sympathy, care and protection from the stresses and demands of life (Gulanick, 2013). Most importantly, a patient in this stage depends on healthcare professionals while in a healthcare institution. In addition, the patient accepts to adjust to the disruptions of daily schedules. Mr. Jones is in the dependent client role because he was admitted to the hospital, and he has stayed in the hospital for 4 days. The injuries he sustained in the shot and his age make him dependent on healthcare professionals. He sustained head injuries, shoulder dislocation and a fractured rig ht femur. He also has degenerative hypertension. According to Clark, Smith and Taylor (2010) it requires close monitoring by healthcare professionals. He also recognizes that he cannot attend to his daily schedules because of his injuries and illness. Though he is the dominant frame in his family and business, Mr. Jones cannot move around or participate in decision making. Based on Mr. Jones previous behavior and cultural background, I do not believe that he will be cooperative. In his family, Mr. Jones is a dominant figure. He makes all the decisions concerning the family and his business.

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