Thursday, July 25, 2019

Resolving Organizational Conflicts in Communication and Team Work Essay

Resolving Organizational Conflicts in Communication and Team Work - Essay Example This report constitutes the process and resolution of consultancy for an organization enmeshed in issues in communication, teamwork, and achievement of organizational goals. Within the organization brew conflicts of interests that spew forth outcomes that drag the organization back instead of taking strides forward as a team. Such conflicts may be constraining factors in the smooth transition in the expansion of the organization. This implies that greater workload and responsibilities are expected. With an objective disposition, the consultant interviewed some members of the senior management team who expressed their concerns for the organization. Armed with this initial information, the consultant dug deeper by studying the issues and researching on possible interventions to resolve them. This paper will provide a background of the organization, the presenting problems, elaboration, and explanation of the concepts from a review of the literature and the resulting recommendations for intervention and conclusion. Adino Drug Detox Trust is a drug rehabilitation center that welcomes drug users who want to turn their lives around from being enslaved from drugs to being drug-free. The rehabilitation clinic helps them in their recovery and reintegration to society. The organization has enjoyed an untarnished national and international reputation for the past 30 years. It is registered as both a nursing home as well as a charity. It provides round-the-clock medical and social care.... He may stay in the clinic for a maximum of 3 weeks of detoxification prior to going through the second phase of detoxification. Within a year, he cannot be readmitted, as he is expected to remain drug free for a long time after his detoxification and when released from the clinic, that is his own responsibility. Besides, there are other clients who need the services of the clinic. The personnel involved in Aldino is composed of teams. The Operational Teams are comprised of the Nursing team, the Social Care Team and the Auxillary support team. The Senior Management Team (SMT) is comprised of the CEO, an Operations Director, Financial Director and an HR director. The SMT holds monthly board meetings. They are answerable to a board of trustees who meet quarterly. Referral Problem Meeting with the chairman of the board, the consultant inquired about the presenting problem of the organisation. The chairman expressed concern and dissatisfaction with the way the management could not agree o n so many things. He observed that there was constant squabbling and disagreements and too much interpersonal friction especially between the CEO and the financial director. The senior management team was always divided and the members manifested more individualistic career ambition than collective goal-setting for the organisation. The chairman noted that there was not enough corporate collegial cooperation. Such issues in communication and teamwork has resulted in low morale for the organisation. With the impending move to expand from a 15 bed unit to a 21 bed unit, and ready to accept additional clients in two month’s time, it is expected that the increased work load may present more challenges to the organisation in terms of workload and decision-making. The board of

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