Thursday, August 8, 2019

Applying Cyber Policy to Law . Vulnerability Disclosure Analysis Essay

Applying Cyber Policy to Law . Vulnerability Disclosure Analysis - Essay Example They protect the organization or business against cyber crimes which jeopardizes the operation of the business. With regard to this, every business organization should analyze its Cyber Law risks as well as needs on a regular basis. Applying cyber policy to law significantly helps in preventing cyber attacks. These are deliberate actions that aim at altering, disrupting, deceiving, degrading or destroying computer systems as well as networks. Federal and State Cyber-security Law For over a decade, several experts in the United States and abroad are expressing increasing concerns with regard to cyber-security (Kerr, 2009). This is the light of the growing impact, sophistication and frequency of attacks on information systems, not only in the US but also different parts of the world. Current research indicates that the framework for cyber-security needs revision. The complex federal responsibility in cyber-security takes into consideration securing federal systems as well as helping in protection of nonfederal systems (Kerr, 2009). With regard to the current law, all federal agencies have roles in cyber-security relating to their own systems. The state government is attempting to revise its laws for the purpose of improving cyber-security. It is doing so through increasing public visibility of firms having weak security. California passed the Notice of Security Breach Act in 2003, which requires that any organization which maintains personal information of citizens of California and has a security breach have to disclose all the details of the event. Other states in the US also followed the same (Bosworth & Whyne, 2009). The security breach regulations usually punish organizations due to their failure. They do so while giving them freedom of choosing how to secure their systems. Ina addition, this regulation helps in creating an incentive for organizations to voluntarily invest heavily in cyber-security (Bosworth & Whyne, 2009). This is for the purpose of avoidin g the potential destruction of reputation as well as resulting economic loss that can arise from a cyber-attack. Both the state and federal laws aim at improving the security of information systems of organization. They both dictate that organization maintain a considerable level of security (Bosworth & Whyne, 2009). They also advocate on improvement of the laws for the purpose of maintaining acceptable standards of cyber-security. Nevertheless, both the state and state law on cyber-security requires a reasonable level of cyber-security which leaves a room for interpretation until the establishment of the case laws. Taking the United States into consideration it is a fact that it puts a lot of concern with respect to cyber-security (Bosworth & Whyne, 2009). This makes the country less susceptible to cyber-attacks as compared to other countries in different parts of the world. Existing laws with regard to cyber-security in many countries do not put a lot of emphasis to deal with cybe r-security. Due to this, criminals usually conduct a lot of crimes on the internet for the purpose of taking advantages of the less severe punishments in these countries. However, governments and industries are now realizing the severe threats of cyber-attacks on economic as well as political security, without forgetting the interest of the public (Bosworth & Whyne, 2009). Nevertheless cybercrimes are becoming difficult to fight back. This is therefore calling for

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