Monday, August 12, 2019

I will post all of information in word Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

I will post all of information in word - Essay Example For instance, when systems from Wells Fargo require information from those at Wachovia, they have to form new links between the business end and control end of the two information systems. After these links are formed, the integration process moves to the maturity stage where new links are formed between the same ends of the two information systems. Increased expansion as expected with the merger leads to formation of cross-links between the units present in both organizations (Frankel 76). With the merger between the two organizations in this case, integration of IS was necessitated in order to manage the chaos that would follow with communication hitches and revenue loss from redundant links. When Wells Fargo merged with Wachovia, they came across various challenges and difficulties in the integration of their information systems. One of these difficulties had to do with the making it financially viable to integrate the two systems. For example, Wells Fargo and Wachovia needed the capability to take advantage of those opportunities that would result from IS integration within the merged organization (Frankel 78). In addition the two organizations may have lacked the ability to deal with the issues that come from the integration of the information systems. For instance, the satisfaction of the new organization’s end users with the integrated IS and the entire process of systems integration could be a hurdle. Lack of proper communication about the integration process’ capabilities and its importance to the success of the merger may precipitate resistance from the workers of the organization that adopts the other’s system. Eventually, this could cause depressed effectiveness and efficiency in leveraging the resources at hand during the period of integration (Frankel 78). Wells Fargo and Wachovia may also have found it challenging to improve the capabilities of their previous information systems after the merger. Because the goal of the merge r was to improve the entire new organization’s processes, the IS integration would also have to improve its capabilities (Frankel 79). Difficulties that could affect the new organization include the enhancement of their competitive advantage, as well as the enhancement of their business strategies. Organizational planning and IS integration could also prove to be a challenge because it is important for the new organization to achieve its financial targets. Information system integration across departments within the new organization in order to increase their access to data and information may also be difficult since they have ingrained models of system operations. The ability of the merged company to keep staff who are competent in the new system, as well as recruit new ones, will also be challenging. The identification of the best fit technology and its assimilation will also be difficult (Frankel 79). However, there are also benefits to the merger of information systems be tween the two organizations. First, because the two are organizations of similar size, the IS integration will be much easier compared to if they had different capabilities (Frankel 81). However, because of their disparate images, protocols, websites, systems, and hardware, it was essential to integrate their systems. One reason that this is important is so that they can attain the benefits they expect from the merger. For this to happen, the standardizing systems, technology architecture, and application systems have to be rationalized. Insufficient data and

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