Saturday, August 24, 2019

Government grants for alternative energy research Proposal - 1

Government grants for alternative energy - Research Proposal Example Because of this, it is important for the United States to find alternative means of energy that are sustainable, and that create less dependence on foreign oil and other fossil fuels. President Obama has instituted a variety of measures that will cut down on the carbon emissions that influence climate change (Obama, 2010). Many people suggest that without an alternative method of fuel, the nation as we know it will change. Al Gore has presented information about how global warming is influencing the world as it is known today, and suggests that something must be done in order to slow the process down. Shown in these descriptions are the facts that there are many issues that must be addressed when looking at the world and how it currently uses fuel. If sustainable energies can be discovered and used, the world would be able to sustain itself better in the long run. Specific Claim Alternative fuels can promote a healthier environment and can create a more sustainable world. With the he lp of government grants to sponsor climate research, many more researchers can have the opportunity to identify those fuels that could help the environment. The discovery of these grants will be an opportunity to understand who is eligible to help in this endeavor and the amount of money that is being presented. Justification of The Claim Since President Obama took office, sustainable fuels have been a concern.

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