Friday, August 23, 2019

Building your own state prison Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Building your own state prison - Term Paper Example This method will also apply reformation and reintegration of prisoners into society. This method which also follows the method set by Captain Alexander Maconochie, helps the inmate to become ready for life back into free society (Barry, 72) ATTN: please look for it from your book because the online version of the book does not have Bibliography!). 2) Size of the prison: Remember to accommodate for the security levels The size of the prison would be patterned after the Auburn design (Appendix A), with consideration of prison population growth, security, socialization, and economic activities. However, there should be economized space so that instead of cells measuring 8X12 feet, a smaller one at 7X 10 feet cells will be implemented in consideration of population growth as this has been notably consistent over time. 3) Hiring procedures: Discuss in-depth the procedures that you would use to hire staff Hiring procedure for staff should be based on physical and psychological capacity whe re human relations experience is necessary. This is in conformity with the ticket-of-leave system introduced by Walter Crofton of which prisoners were treated confinement stages befitting their behavior. This will require proper capacity of the staff to deal with the kind of persons that offenders are subjected into. Physical capacity of prison staff is necessary in order to handle or subdue assault or attack by rioting inmates. Psychological readiness of the prison worker will help in dealing with rowdiness or unruly behavior, as well as adapt to more humane manner of interacting with prisoners who may deserve better treatment. Inmates who are scheduled for release may also be considered for hiring as they are well-oriented with the rudimentary of prison life. Additional training and orientation may be needed. 4) Inmate classification: As mentioned earlier, three classifications may be provided for inmates and these include the maximum security prisoners who committed heinous crime s and grouped together depending on their entry. This group will not be in solitary but by partner to encourage socialization and openness. There will be employed treatment dependent on the behavior of the prisoner: first the solitary and reduced food rations, next is the provision of agricultural or industrial work with full food provision. Behavior at this stage will determine movement to the next stage which is an open prison with few restrictions, until such time that the inmates reach the fourth stage which is parole or freedom (Mays and Winfree, 45). Then, there are the working inmates who are already allowed to be trained to gain skills and work to earn. These may consist of the largest bulk of the inmate population as they will be given real jobs and allowed to earn decent income. This stage, too, will be the longest period as bulk of their punishment time be spent on this stage. The last classification may be called the probationary stage where prisoners are groomed to beco me free men. Trust, respect, and capacity to deal with the outside world will be experienced by the inmates at this stage. 5) Prison structure As mentioned earlier, the prison design will take from the Auburn style which employs the prison cells for inmates’ rooms, with an entrance court, a yard, garden, shops, chapel, kitchen, guard station,

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