Saturday, October 5, 2019

Cognitive Framing Theory and Spiral or Silence Research Paper - 1

Cognitive Framing Theory and Spiral or Silence - Research Paper Example The thinking and all that matters in talking does involve framing. This is the basis of cognitive framing theory. According to Lakoff (2010), a single word defines not only the word, but it activates the frames by defining much about the system that is in it. However, frames do not work in solitude but they have a direct connection to all part of the brain including the emotional regions (Lakoff, 2010). This explains why people have different taste to different circumstances. The workings of the frame make it possible for some people to like football while other dislikes the same. Thus, it is how best a frame is internalized that explains the behaviors of individuals and emotional reactions to their surroundings. The political scene is one good example where systems of frames are vehemently used. Members of political parties share the political ideologies, and they all adhere to this course. Therefore, politician uses a language that point to specific ideological systems. The process they go through whether in party fundraising or conventional nomination informs their subconscious of the principle that they defend. The development of this political ideology frames explains the subsequent behaviors. Cognitive framing theory also argues that ideological language becomes a normal language as it unconsciously activates the brain of the ideas. Therefore, people cannot avoid framing, and they can only be strengthened or weakened. There are different frames and individual choose among the many in any given situation. Moreover, there are limited ways of changing frames. The thing that a person has made cognates in the brain can only relate to news set of frames that relate to the existing systems of frames (Lakoff, 2010). The changes need to be emotional and introduced through a communication system that must be sufficient, repetitive, and full of trust for the messengers. Negating frames tend to activate

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