Thursday, October 17, 2019

Madonna - Hung up Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Madonna - Hung up - Research Paper Example Somebody who doesn’t know Madonna otherwise and sees her for the first time in the video can’t tell that the lady has crossed 40’s. The fat woman that dances in the bus is a huge source of inspiration for the women who are obese or overweight. Generally, in our society, fat women are sidelined when it comes to the display of dancing skills since dance is inherently an art of body. However, the fat woman in the video condemns such thinking through her dancing skills. She dances so confidently and nicely in the crowd that the whole crowd is inspired by her. That part of the video was like a one woman’s show. The time was meant for her. Her dance is so perfect and mesmerizing that people either tend to overlook her obesity, or appreciate her obesity. Probably, she would not have looked that graceful dancing had she not been fat. The most important message that has been conveyed through the video in general and the lyrics in particular is that a loving woman is too worthy a possession for a man to lose. In this video, Madonna is shown as a woman who loves her boyfriend so much that she is desperately waiting for his call. She is so obsessed with his love that she would not mind even if her boyfriend calls her late in the night. She is impatient to receive a call from her boyfriend whom she loves so much. Good women are stereotyped to be like this in our society. They have to sacrifice for the men in any way. Madonna does this by waiting for her boyfriend, and yet he is too careless to call her until the end of the video. Madonna makes the audiences realize the importance of such a loving and caring woman in these words, â€Å"I cant keep on waiting for you/I know that youre still hesitating/Dont cry for me/Cause Ill find my way/Youll wake up one day/But itll be too late† (Madonna cited in Avoledo). Ma donna says that her boyfriend would realize her worth when he has lost him. This can be generalized for all women

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