Monday, October 7, 2019

Employee Motivation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Employee Motivation - Assignment Example ly the monetary ones are resources that are highly desirable to the employees and in order to attain these resources employees try to meet the expectations of the managers. If an employee is work hard and meeting all his objectives and is increasing the productivity of the organization, then he/she should be provided with benefits in consistency with his work. If he/she is not provided with equitable benefits then he/she may perceive that his hard work is of low value in the eyes of the management and that is why the management is giving them lower benefits as compared to the benefits that are being offered to other employees. Managers need to make employees feel that whatever work they do is essential for the organization in order to motivate them to work hard on those tasks. One way of making employees feel that the work that they are doing is significant is by giving them higher benefits. This is because higher benefits will make the employee feel that he is being offered these be nefits because his work is valuable and the organization is paying him more in order to retain his services and do not want him to

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