Friday, October 18, 2019

Practical proposal about ATM fraud Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Practical proposal about ATM fraud - Essay Example Smart phones can be used to make withdrawals and payments in retail stores instead of credit cards. This will protect the PIN numbers and other personal information. According to Abagnale, the use of smart phones will not apply universally as this will require one to become an expert of some electronic gadget, a task that is not so easy. However, technology is just part of the inevitable change that happens as we become more civilized. The same way people got training on computers, is the same way they can get training on use of these efficient gadgets (Abagnale, 108). The investment is actually worthwhile for varied reasons. First, it is impossible to record the PIN as done on an ATM. Secondly; the same smart phone can be used to keep track of one’s expenses as it records when and where the transaction was made. This information can also be accessed through emails. Also, some of these gadgets are so advanced that they also utilize the use of genes and fingerprints. A good example in this case is the use of gene coding in most bank vaults which has proved to be safer over the

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