Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Business Continuity Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Business Continuity Plan - Essay Example In particular, each of the systems must be evaluated and placed in one of the two categories of risk, as described below: The systems must be based on an assessment of the loss and how it will hit the various departments using it and how it will be in costs of that loss and to recover the data. See the IT Departmental Team Plan on more in depth information on the risks and how best to assess them at senior management level. Stated by MIT (1995). It consists of senior managers from each main department that useing the applications identified above; their role is to ensure the personnel can function during a critical outage, in particular that there is a recovery plan to cover Critical and Emergency states. To this end there must be an alternative system in place, which is up and running at all times. To be in charge of the BTC is the Director of Security who will have the final decision making controls for the team. To report to the Business Continuity Team (BTC), within two hours once access is allowed to the company premises, any application that has been compromised during the outage or attack, then give any advice to the BTC about the best way forward if there is a problem with hardware or for users. Hardware procedures are in the "Maintenance Handbook" maintained by the Facilities department and cover as many eventualities as can be covered. It will be the first set of procedures covered especially if there is a difference in the stated objectives between the BTC and the handbook. IT and facilities are then responsible for putting the recovery into motion. Stated by MIT (1995). Technical equipment such as servers and routers must be locked in cabinets in a locked technical room. Ensure their are ports disabled if not required and working ports are have encrypted passwords strong enough not to be broken. Access is by staff with proper security clearance given by the Security Directors office only. Any contractor

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