Monday, September 23, 2019

Report of IT tech for food4all Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Report of IT tech for food4all - Essay Example In the process of creating live video streams for service delivery sessions, the project uses teleconferencing facilities like overhead cameras, screens or projectors, and high speed Internet connectivity among other technologies that incorporate the application of chat features. The preliminary evaluation aims at enhancing the efficiency of emerging technologies as well as their influence on the service delivery exercise on clients. The discourse covers a portrayal of a case where one of the new technologies gets integrated into food delivery. Putting in place a projector and a screen in the media centre used by clients for getting information. Employees will use the same to offer technology professional advanced services, it will also be a client centre for technology, and family meetings among clients will use it for conferences. Other uses include serving as the client center for technology learners in the food supply system, being a likely LVS centre for those with catch-up programs, and a centre for family nights. Using the projector and the screen will enable every participant or client to see clearly, what the project offers. To advance professional services and development for employees handling Promethean Boards during service delivery. Professional development will take place during one of the in-service services sessions scheduled in addition to the after meal on-site programs throughout food delivery. It is consequential for employees to comprehend ways of operating and integrating important aspects such as Promethean into delivering services applied during live streaming and not just the use of boards to impart knowledge among clients. Provision of materials and software for the newly introduced ACT project important in Prep Course. The relevance of ACT is for clients to remain complaint with the new live streaming methods introduced for delivery of food. Food service delivery companies previously provide catch-up

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