Friday, September 27, 2019

Case Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Case Analysis - Essay Example This can be attributed to the fact that more negative feedbacks caused the experts to question the application of the cubicle concept. On the other hand, the corporate administration recognized the benefit of putting a large number of employees that are only segregated in work boxes (Goodbye to the Cubicle? n.d.). On a personal note, the privacy and the level of concentration that can be provided by use of cubicles in workspaces are included in the appreciated effects. On the other hand, if a manner of continuous work activity occurs inside the cubicle area, it can be considered a health hazard and the risk of motivation and inspiration to work and have good output which can be attributed to the confined nature of the work area in the application of the said system. Based on the reaction of the people towards cubicle, there are different points of observations that can be presented. One of the points is that the being a highly social being, the interaction and relationship with other people and fellow workers can have very influential effects on performance of the workers. In addition, the workplace can also be an important factor in itself due to the effects it can bring about to the attitude of the person. In one of the studies undertaken regarding the most effective workplace set up, it had been presented that the open office set up is the most effective since a less pressured and raw working environment can be perceived. Other phases and methods can even be applied such as coordination of actions undertaken by the whole group that can lead to a more refined, well-communicated and well-informed in terms of the goals and visions of the company and the groups. In general, cubicles are advantageous for the physical order in a company as viewed by the leaders. In terms of productivity and efficiency it can be viewed as a hindrance (Gherardi and Nicolini, 2006; Harrison, Wheeler

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