Sunday, September 22, 2019

Discuss The Metaphor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discuss The Metaphor - Assignment Example In addition, I confirm the idea that squealing is a metaphor for making the pigs cry in pain, when my classmate said: â€Å"By squealing, she means that the current regime will not be happy with her leadership style because there will be no room for them to squander public funds.† I agree that Ernst plans to make them squeal because she will make sure that they can no longer do their expensive or corrupt programs. Finally, I agree that being a mother is a good metaphor for being a caring leader. Ernst is suggesting that she can be a good senator because she knows how to take care of her children. Given these metaphors, I do not think that my classmate missed anything. I think my classmate misunderstands what a metaphor means. My classmate wrote: â€Å"One of the first things that I thought was an example of a metaphor was when Obama says all of us will prosper. This is a metaphor in my opinion because it uses the word will.† Using the word â€Å"will† does not mean that a metaphor is being used. I also did not see the visual metaphor of ships overseas. Obama said that tax incentives will not be given to companies that ship jobs overseas though. A ship is a metaphor for leaving, which applies to lost jobs due to outsourcing. Nevertheless, I agree that showing Americans working can mean that Obama wants for Americans to work hard for America. In addition, I believe my classmate missed the metaphor of the setting of the speech, which is a living room. Obama said it himself that, if he was in his audience’s living room, he would discuss his plan with them. The setting of the speech is inside the house, specifically the living room. For me, this is a visual metaphor for setting up intimacy with Americans. Obama wants Americans to feel that he is right there in their living room to talk about his plan. The setting adds sincerity to his speech. Furthermore, another missed metaphor refers to the words â€Å"double down† on the â€Å"trickle down.† Obama refers to

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