Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Disciplines of Emergency Management Research Paper

The Disciplines of Emergency Management - Research Paper Example Mitigation function differs from other emergency management disciplines since it focuses on the long-term solutions rather than preparedness for hazards or short-term recovery from hazard event. The National Mitigation Framework is guided by four principles that include Resilience and Sustainability, Leadership, Locally focused implementation, Engaged partnership and Inclusiveness, and Risk-conscious culture (Haddow, Bullock & Coppola, 2013). My community has been involved in Hampton Roads Virginia Area emergency mitigation project since the community is vulnerable to hazards that threaten the lives of citizens and property in the area. The hazards cannot be eliminated and thus several actions were implemented to protect lives, property and built environment (Bumgarner, 2008). The first step was identification of threats and hazards in order to determine associated vulnerabilities and risks to the community. Some of the hazards that are present include floods, hurricanes, tropical storms, land subsidence, sea level rise. Repeated floods are common on Hampton Road Virginia area and this strains the existing federal resources and local authority resources in dealing with the disaster. Accordingly, Hampton road is used to transport hazardous materials and there has been more than 40 accidents involving transport of hazardous materials since 2000. In this case, appropriate measures should be put in place in order to reduce the possibility of spillage of hazardous materials after an accident (Jerolleman & Kiefer, 2012). Accordingly, an appropriate scientific methodology was used to determine the possibility of risk occurrence. The possibility of occurrence is high and the cost implications are high since floods and associated disasters destroy the existing road infrastructure and other related social amenities such as power lines. The

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