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Benefits of School Sports Programs: A Survey

Benefits of School Sports Programs A panoramaMemo of TransmittalSubject Need for much than athletic events in cultivatediseProblem Selkirk College is a respectable school in the Kootenays region. This school has to a outstandinger extent(prenominal) branches such as Castlegar, Nelson, Trail etc. In this school, many inter communityal school-age childs argon studying now such as from India, China, japan and many new(prenominal) countries. They face many problems here bid modification and mold mainly due to which nigh students scent homesick in any case. They feel al whiz and stressed from studies and both the assignment work. In our school, hardly one or two cultural events and otherwise athletics event occurs. Students who be from sports background love games very ofttimes, so they miss these types of events here. No doubt, the college forever organizes many types of events like Intercultural Festival and sm exclusively gaming competition, but these argon non a s big and unionised as necessary and in like manner they ar held seldomnly.Solution Our school concern nooky make a decision about this. Physical activities stop be added to the school course of instruction without any academic disturbances and also potty offer physical, emotional and well-disposed usefulnesss. At every week closing curtain friendly sports events should be held in our gymnasium. We should non force the students to take part in those events. In every semester, in that location should be one big Sports Event at college and an Annual lean should be arranged for students. In these events distinct kinds of matches like Cricket, Basketball and Badminton should be coordinate and cultural dances, dramas and many more(prenominal) such things should be held. in that location should be prizes for top 3 students of classes for postponement for their hard work.Conclusion Schoolbased sports activities keep bring out positive reactions and behaviors in stude nts. An annual function could advertise students to study more when they see their friends getting awards for their hard work. So the management should look after this start and should take potent steps regarding this. I would thanks to Parmider Singh and Sarabjit Singh for their cooperation.Table of Contents (Jump to)List of IllustrationsExecutive Summary universeDiscussion SectionsConclusionsand Recom secureationsReferencesList of IllustrationsGraph 1 Students from dissimilar countries and their interest control 1 An example of intercultural eventsExecutive SummaryTo summarize, I would like to formulate that we consent less extra curriculum activities in our school which argon really important for the overall growth of mind and wellness of students. We should croak Yoga, Basketball, Cricket and many more classes at our campus. These classes may be considered exclusive or team depending on the kind of sport. I did survey and free radical discussions with many students in t he college to discuss this topic and to know their views about these activities. roughly every student wants to see these kinds of extra curriculum activities to be organised in the college. Once in a semester these kinds of events and matches should be organised indoors diverse campuses of the college.So, at the end I hope the management and regimen of our college allow also cerebrate about this change and they will jumping these kinds of events in coming days. I really appreciate those students who helped me to represent my views in front of the organization by keep me.IntroductionIn this project, I imbibe thr decl be slightly light on the issue of organising some extra curriculum activities for students in the college. This is a really important issue for all the students who feel stressed and bored from the studies and also the students who want to destine their talent in sports. The college should organise some kinds of sports activities within its different campuses along with some cultural events once in a semester. However, at the end of the semester top 3 students should be awarded. This should be done at a bigger level and students from all courses should be welcomed.Due to this change, students will transcend in their overall growth both physically and mentally. Moreover, there are many international students who feel homesick and alone in the college. So they will also be benefited from this. Also, students will be motivated by the watching others getting awards for their hard work.Discussion SectionsI did survey regarding sports and other activities in college. In this survey, I asked to answer in amidst the rate of 0-10. Like if you strongly agree with the opinion then give 10 and so on according to your level of interest.My questions were-Do you miss your functions held in the past?Do you want to see those functions again in Selkirk College?How much is it important to organize functions and sports activities in college?Does it redu ce stress level? washstand we learn from this kind of activities?Can this kind of activities encourage students to study more and give competition to other students?Is it important for seaworthiness purpose?Is it minify homesickness up to some extent for international students?Do you think it could be great source of fun in this small town?In results, I got most of the students endowment 8-10 for their answers.Moreover, I did group discussion with students from different countries. Firstly, I did with Indian students. They said they are missing those events which they enchanted in Indian college and they are willing to enjoy those moments here too. When I discussed this matter with Canadian students they said they would love to see this kind of activities being organised in the college. I just shared my Indian college event last with them to formulate them little bit. All the Chinese, Japanese students are agreeing and excited to see these functions. Because, we all believe thr ough these events we can learn about different cultures and utter our talents.Graph 1 Students from different countries and their interestWe can see from this kick downstairs chart more than 70% of the students are agreeing to organize these functions and sports activities in this college. common fig 1 An example of intercultural eventsConclusionsAfter doing the survey with different types of students, we came to the result that more than 70% of the students agreed with our opinion and they also want to see these kinds of events in the college. We also frame that the students are lacking in physical fitness which is affecting their overall growth. So, the authorities should take effective steps in this change for the betterment of the students.RecommendationsIn order to implement these changes the college should start giving free classes and coaching to the students like of Yoga, Cricket, Basketball and many more. The authorities should prosecute trainers and coaches in the coll ege. Also, the sports department of the college should renovate the playing courts and grounds for the matches.Moreover, the Student Federal department should isolate the students and should promote these kinds of events in the college. Intercultural events like Dance, Dramas should be organised at a bigger level in the college.References1http//globalsportsdevelopment.org/benefits-of-school-based-sports/2http//www.sparkpe.org/blog/10-ideas-to-improve-your-schools-pe-program/3http//www.google.com4http//yuva.epfl.ch/files/ issue/sites/yuva/files/YUVA%20Web%20f older/Cultural/2014/Event%20pics/Cultural%20Events.pngPolicy Analysis Paper angel dust easing shapePolicy Analysis Paper angel dust break exerciseAustina BurtonThe northerly Carolina nation legislation I chose is endure measurement 99, or also senate mensuration 535. It is titled the Caregiver balance Act. It was filed on February 13th, in 2013, in the House of Representatives (House, 2013). The primary sponsors in t he house are Representative Alma Adams from Guilford County, and Representative Larry Hall from Durham County. Other sponsors in the house include Representatives Cunningham, Farmer-Butterfield, Floyd, Gill, Hamilton, Harrison, Insko, Moore, Pierce, and Wray (House, 2013). The Caregiver Relief Act was passed to the senate on March 28th, in 2013. The primary sponsors in the Senate are Senator Earline W. Parmon, who is from Forsyth County, and Senator Angela R. Bryant, who represents Halifax, Nash, Vance, Warren, and Wilson counties. A nonher sponsor in the labor union Carolina Senate was former senator Eleanor Kinnaird (Senate, 2013). The Caregiver Relief Act has costs, benefits, and stakeholders, and is effective and executable.IssueThe Caregiver Relief Act is supposed to address a gap in the Family Medical Leave Act, also known as FMLA. The act would recompense the labor laws to exit imprint for caregivers in newton Carolina (Caregiver, 2013).The purpose is to stick out for carrys in the employment, under state law, for caregivers, who provide direct care to trusted family members in involve of care in those instances, where such establish would not be afforded to the caregivers under federal law. (Caregiver, 2013)The Caregiver Relief Act would sp make over the protections of the federal Family Medical Leave Act to allow employees to care for a sibling, grandparent, grandchild, stepparent, or parent-in-law.Should an employer offer FMLA benefits, the law already allows for an employee to take 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave (Caregiver, 2013). The general rule the relief act would prepare into place isAn employer, implyd to comply with the FMLA, shall provide the resembling leave to an employee to care for a sibling, grandparent, grandchild, stepparent, or parent-in-law, that the employee is entitled to under the FMLA at 29 U.S.C. sections 2614 and 2615, as amended, with respect to a pardner, son, daughter, or parent of the pensionable employee for the eligible employees sibling, grandparent, grandchild, stepchild, stepparent, or parent-in-law. (Caregiver, 2013)cost and BenefitsThe costs of the Caregiver Relief Act would be no different than the costs the Family Medical Leave Act has already implemented. An employee, who takes leave, is entitled to the similar protections and rights that an eligible employee is entitled to under the FMLA (Caregiver, 2013). The leave granted under the relief act shall be taken in the same manner, and under the same conditions, and restrictions the use of leave in the FMLA applies. The benefits mostly revolve around the caregivers. accord to the Caregiver Relief Act, it has been give that employees, with care responsibilities, add additional health care costs to employers due to their own poor health. It has also been found that caregiving sponsors in the workplace can save businesses significant coin associated with cut incidences of absenteeism, crisis in care, workday inte rruptions, supervisory time, and reduced hours (Caregiver, 2013).StakeholdersThere were more tidy sum, and agencies, supporting the bill than criticizing it. Beth Messersmith, who is the crusade director of NC MomsRising, and co-coordinator of NC Families Care, shows support to the Caregiver Relief Act.The FMLA is a crucial piece of legislation, that has been used an estimated 100 million times to provide job-protected, unpaid leave to women and men across the country to recover from a serious illness, care for a new child, or care for a seriously ill spouse, parent, or child. Its time to fill the gaps to moderate that all proletarians can fulfill their family responsibilities without falling out of the workforce. (Media, 2013)The NC Chapters of the National MS (multiple sclerosis) Society recognize that the demands of caregiving are being shared by more and more family members and support the Caregiver Relief Act (Media, 2013).Mary Bethel, who is the associate state director fo r advocacy for AARP North Carolina, stated, Todays reality is that we are a state of working family caregivers. North Carolina ranks 6th in the nation in the number of children cared for by their grandparents (Media, 2013). Bethel made a superb headspring about how much this bill is undeniable. North Carolinas Senator Kinnaird said, The FMLA has had a horrendous impact on the lives of North Carolinas working families. Without expansion, many are unable to put family first. She suggests that the FMLA needs to expand its protections, so family leave becomes more ingressible (Media, 2013).Rationally EffectiveThe Caregiver Relief Act is effective and feasible. It has been effective in the general assembly, not only because it has a bunch of support, but because it is aiming for measurable results, and will bring home the bacon a rational outcome, if voted into law. Furthermore, other states, in the United States, defend reformed the Family Medical Leave Act in some way. For exa mple, the California Assembly passed their bill, number 592, which changed how employers handled maternity leave. This bill made it unlawful for an employer to interfere with the allotted leave time for cleaning woman who were pregnant (California, 2011). Other changes, that states have made, include expanding the explanation of family beyond child, spouse and parent, increasing the allowable uses under the FMLA, establishing family leave restitution programs, and lowering the employer verge (Media, 2013).Politically ViableThe Caregiver Relief Act is politically viable. It is viable because it has political support, it is capable of succeeding, and it will work as think too after it is implemented. First, it has political support from many representative and senators in the North Carolina General Assembly. Second, it has the capability to succeed in the house and the senate, and then, be put into law. The Caregiver Relief Act will succeed in fulfilling its intentions, and will h ave positive effects on caregivers. They will have more time for their loved ones, and they will have less stress from work related issues. Overall, the Caregiver Relief Act will fulfill its intention, which is to require employers to provide leave to an employee to care for a sibling, grandparent, grandchild, stepparent, or parent-in-law. It will do this by enforcing any right, or obligation, created by the policy, by a civil action (Caregiver, 2013).Social Worker Point of ViewAs a affable worker, who operates within the NASW work out of morals, I would support the Caregiver Relief Act. I would support it based on the fact that it is needed, and based on two different sections of the Code of Ethics. First, house bill 99 is needed because the elderly population is growing very rapidly. They represented 12.9% of the U.S. population in 2009 (Aging Statistics). According to the Administration on Ageing, by 2030, there will be about 72.1 million older persons. That is more than twice their number in 2000 (Aging Statistics). In addition, many of them will need caregivers. These caregivers will need some kind of assistance from their employers, so therefore they will not have their jobs if they need to take extended leave to care for an older person. found on the NASW Code of Ethics, it is a responsibility of a kindly worker to uphold the general welfare of society, and this includes advocating for living conditions (Code, 2008). Section 6.01, of the code of ethics, dialogue about neighborly welfare, and how social workers should advocate for living conditions favorable to the result of basic human needs. This is one reason why I would support the Caregiver Relief Act. My concern is the welfare of the concourse that need caregiving. Also, the caregivers need a way to support themselves, while supporting the needs of the older adults they are helping. One place to give them support is in their workplace with the Caregiver Relief Act.Part a of section 6.04 of the Code of Ethics, explains that social workers should seek to ensure that all mint have equal access to the resources, employment, services, and opportunities they require to meet their basic human needs. It is part of a social workers job to engage in social and political action that would benefit plurality (Code, 2008). This legislationwould benefit caregivers by giving them the resources they need, to stay directionless in the economy, if they are taking care of someone else.ConclusionIn conclusion, House acme 99, in the North Carolina General Assembly, would help mend a gap in the FMLA. It would extend the FMLA to count siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, and in-laws as hatful caregivers can take leave to care for. An employee, who takes leave, is entitled to the same protections and rights that an eligible employee is entitled to under the FMLA. One reason this is needed is because it has been found that caregiving supports in the workplace can save businesses signif icant money (Caregiver, 2013). Therefore, there are more people, and agencies, supporting the bill than criticizing it. A few are the campaign director of NC MomsRising, the NC Chapters of the National MS Society, and the associate state director for advocacy for AARP North Carolina (Media, 2013).The Caregiver Relief Act is effective and feasible. It has been effective in the general assembly, not only because of its support, but because it is aiming for measurable results and will achieve a rational outcome if voted into law. The Caregiver Relief Act is politically viable. It is viable because it has political support, it is capable of succeeding, and it will work as intended too after it is implemented. As a social worker, who operates within the NASW Code of Ethics, I would support the Caregiver Relief Act. Many states have expanded, or improved, the Family and Medical Leave Act already by lowering the employer threshold, expanding the definition of family beyond child, spouse an d parent, increasing the allowable uses under the FMLA, and establishing family leave insurance programs. North Carolina lawmakers have taken important steps toward filling the gaps by introducing the Caregiver Relief Act.ReferencesAging Statistics. (n.d.). Aging Statistics. Retrieved March 23, 2014, from http//www.aoa.gov/Aging_Statistics/Assembly poster No. 592. (2011). California Legislation. Retrieved March 27, 2014, from http//www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/asm/ab_0551-0600/ab_592_bill_20111009_chaptered.pdfCaregiver Relief Act. (2013, February 13). General Assembly of North Carolina. Retrieved March 24, 2014, from http//www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2013/Bills/House/PDF/H99v1.pdfCode of Ethics (English and Spanish). (2008). Code of Ethics (English and Spanish). Retrieved March 23, 2014, from https//www.socialworkers.org/pubs/code/code.aspHouse Bill 99. (2013.). North Carolina General Assembly. Retrieved March 30, 2014, from http//www.ncleg.net/gascripts/BillLookUp/BillLookUp.pl?S ession=2013BillID=H99MEDIA RELEASE Caregiver Relief Act would help working caregivers hold onto their jobs. (2013, April 1). North Carolina Justice Center. Retrieved March 30, 2014, from http//www.ncjustice.org/?q=workers-rights/media-release-caregiver-relief-act-would-help-working-caregivers-hold-their-jobsSenate Bill 535. (2013). North Carolina General Assembly. Retrieved March 30, 2014, from http//www.ncleg.net/gascripts/BillLookUp/BillLookUp.pl?Session=2013BillID=S535Is College necessity For Employment?Is College Essential For Employment?Does college matter?What does college mean? Is college important to teenagers? Should college be essential for people to move up a good job? Is everyone able to go to college? When we parley about college, these questions always come up. As a society, people have their own free ideas to plan their lives. A number of students decide to go to college to get a better and high knowledge, and to improve their wisdom associated with particularis ed areas such as politics. Most of them think getting college degrees will take aim them to beat a great job, or even improve their personalised qualities. On the other hand, some do not want to go to college. They consider that they do not need a college degree, as they think they can live better without four years of college life or they have other reasons to give up college studies. However, college still matters because going to college can increase ones salary, make people more improve and also get students some different experiences.There is a burning debate over the value of college in this era of increasing student debt and high unemployment. Some people argue from the perspective of economy that people can live a better life without college degrees. The four years of college costs them much money or even forces them to burden big debt. However, if they do not pay such a high debt or cost to the four years college life, they can earn much money within the four years. Since their friends or high school classmates graduated from the college, those who do not receive college information probably have had certain social and economic resources.In addition to the economic reasons, some people layover that for those students who have supreme talents in specific areas do not necessarily need college degrees. For example, Bill provide, the CEO of Microsoft, who dropped from Harvard and sought for his fortune in his twenties. At the beginning, people considered him crazy and irrational, as Harvard is the dream for most of people worldwide. However, Gates proved his choice was reasonable and rational with his amazing success and Brobdingnagian fortune. At this point, many people would claim that having a college degree is not important. Meanwhile, some people may propose that a college degree is not the unique channel to success. However, the success of other people cannot always be copied.In todays society, the pursuit of college program line contr ibutes to the wisdom and great jobs. The richness of knowledge would increase the competitiveness for people in different fields. Receiving college education will cost a lot of money. People have to borrow money or take out educational loans to support their fees. However, based on the The Rising Cost of Not Going to College, it is found that 89% of college-educated Millennial are most likely to be recruited generous time, while 82% of their less educated counterpliberal arts and less likely to be unemployed or fired. This data manoeuvre that the college degree contributes to getting a good job, although people have to pay the expensive tuition.From the perspective of politics, the college education serves as an important engine for us to identify the difference in the midst of demagoguery and responsible arguments from politicians. It also expresses that people are living in a society with bombarded pleading or persuasions everyday such as advertisements, political appeals, and punditry of all kinds (243). All these are designed and established to begin our loyalty, money, and more specifically our vote. The most appropriate way to sustain a functioning democracy should be the wisdom of citizens that can distinguish the differences between demagoguery from responsible arguments. For this, it is quite necessary for us to receive college education, as the associated political issues would be introduced and well understood in college.Currently, most people aspire to get college degrees as a door opener to find great jobs. The survey concerning the rising cost of not going to college indicates that among Millennials, 46% of college graduates are significantly more likely to agree that their college degrees have been good a tool to find a job or a satisfied career than the 31% of their less educated counterparts. For those adults who receive higher education degrees in the college and training to improve their careers. Above the data indicate the advantage of a college education. On the one hand, education can reflect the associated degree to the college students. Then, they can take this certificate of academic degree to find good jobs. On the other hand, their rich theoretical knowledge can well direct their practical techniques in the actual business. Compared with the less educated counterparts, people who have received college education will be more acute and more intellectual than their less educated counterparts.When I came to college, I met plenty of challenge and new experiences. In UCSB, there are students from all around the world. Most of them speak English but others speak their own languages. I have heard stories from English , Korean and Italian people, and those stories are exciting and wonderful. In addition, I have joined sport clubs that I had never thought about before. I do not like sports but I change my mind because at college, I met some weak people who still do exercise during their leisure time. If I did not go to college, I truly believe that I would have stayed inactive and I could not get those precious experiences.My own experience shows that receiving college education improves personal qualities. That is, college education fosters peoples sense as well as their mind to experiences that would be foreclosed to them. For most college students, the college education enriches their capacities to read mandatory literature works and to catch basic political concepts. Meanwhile, college education contributes to the improvements of alertness to color and form, melody and harmony. In this way, as people piecemeal grow old, they will feel grateful for the college education they received. It delivers them the capability of appreciation towards our daily lives. Such an education performs as a hedge against utilitarian values. After receiving college education, peoples aspiration for contact with works of arts that somehow register ones own longings and yet occur what one is able to express by and for oneself. It also points out that people need the inside of your head to be an interesting place to shed the rest of your life (244).The benefits of receiving college education would be larger than those who do not pursue a college education. The college education contributes to more employee opportunities. People can enjoy their political rights at their own will without being distracted. Also, college education can equip people with knowledge to compete with others including less educated counterparts. Finally, college education can improve peoples understanding towards life. That is, the attitudes, assumptions and way of opinion towards the life will be well enhanced by knowledge. From the preceding(prenominal) analysis, college still matters.Cited PageDelbanco, Andrew. Three Reasons College Still Matter. American Now abruptly Readingsfrom Recent Periodicals. Ed. Robert Atwan. Boston Bedford/St Martin, 2013. 243-247. Print.Disparity among Millennials Ages 25-32 By Educ ation Level in Terms of Annual.Earning Pew search Centers Social Demographic Trends Projects RSS. Pew Research Center, 1CW10 Feb. 2014. Web. 22 Oct. 2014. http//www.pewsocialtrCW2ends.org/2014/02/11/ the-rising-cost-of-not-going-to-college/ sdt-higher-education-02-11-2014-0-01/.CW1This page does have a date at the top of the article.CW2MLA suggests adding the URL so the reader can find it directly.

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