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Societal Changes Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Societal Changes - Assignment ExampleWe just bang we do non want any part of it. Introduction The issue of stereotyping, which too leads to a form of racism, can be seen in both the population and within the police force and the type of interactions that occur. When looking for someone to deuced for why certain crimes happen, it is balmy to think automatically that if someone thinks, looks and acts within a narrow visual framework, then it is easy to blame that person and that group of masses (Bradshaw & Roseborough, 2005). The issue of Muslims has a tender spy in the minds of many Americans who see all Muslims as perpetrators of bombings and terrorism in the country. Whenever something happens in the country, muckle automatically assume it was done by a Middle Eastern Muslim terrorist. As we have also seen, the bomber can also be a Western Muslim terrorist, such as in the case of the Shoe Bomber in 2001 (Elliot, 2002). 1.With the recent bombing of the Boston Marathon, and the near-beheading and death of a British soldier on a London street, tensions have been running high with the public, particularly in England. thither have been numerous protests, and police, both in England and in the United States, have been told to look for groups of people, who might cave in crimes against Muslims directly, or on or around property knowledgeed by Muslims. It is very hard for people to understand that when one, or a few, members of a group have committed a crime against some others, it does non mean that all people of that group will be doing that same sort of crime (Gabbidon & Greene, 2013). When people look for the enemy, the only thing they have to go on is what the enemy would typically look like. In a war, one side knows that a certain uniform represents the enemy, and that there may be other physical identifications, such as an Asian appearance, for wars conducted in World War II and Vietnam. In a more modern day, and in modern warf be conducted today, appearances are far more deceiving and it is hard to know who the enemy is. Some have dressed up in Western army uniforms and then dour guns on unsuspecting Western soldiers. Even seeing women with burkas and, especially with full face veils, promotes the concept of concealing something that makes identification possible (Moore, 2010). Therefore, those who hide behind veils, or ski masks, are potentially considered an enemy. It would be easy to suspect that some other person may be under that burka and veil excessively a normal Muslim woman. While in Muslim countries, veils are rarely given a second thought, in Western countries, it is important for Muslim people to respect parts of the society they are now living in, and to let women remove the veil so it is not so threatening. Integration with their spic-and-span society is essential to their success. Living as if they were still in their own land and observing their own rules without regard to the new country, is not accepta ble (Moore, 2010). 2. There are several solutions to the issue of racial profiling. A) In the first case, Muslims can take matters into their own hands by meeting law enforcement members of their community and getting to know the neighborhood police who conduct regular beats in the area (Bradshaw & Roseborough, 2005). Making friends, or at least, acquaintances, allows the police to 1) know who they are individually 2) establish

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