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Planning and Implementation of Information Technology in Civilian and Essay

Planning and Implementation of Information engineering science in Civilian and Military Organizations - Essay ExampleIn fact, at the present on that point is genuinely complex and dangerous environment for security and privacy. In this scenario, there is critical contend for applying more curb security and privacy focussing technology based solutions. However, for implementation of such solutions there is need for good planning and management of overall development. These days extremely complex field of study security situation is winning the Forces toward new, frequently non-traditional armament missions, anti-terrorism actions, regional threats, homeland defense and counter-drug operations those are among a lot of disputes we ca implement every day. In this critical situation, a powerful and flexible force is a necessary component of every national security plan. In addition, in inn to convene nations worldwide commitments in this demanding twenty-first Century setting , all types of the national Forces have be an expeditionary force (Price, 2011 Turban, Leidner, McLean, & Wetherbe, 2005). As discussed above there are critical changes happening in the worldwide environment, as a result there is need for much better and impelling planning and management of new technology based solutions in order to circumstances with such kinds of operation and situation. In this scenario there is need for managing security and privacy of data transfers and selective information movements. These all processes need to be well planned and managed in order to better manage the national security and privacy (i.e. military operations and systems). On the other hand, in the business world, smart and roaring businesses are those that are successful and quick enough in making effective use of information technology with co-evolution in unified limits corresponding to, social and economic transformations, technological progresses, and changes in ideas of processes, ass ociation procedure, license and management techniques, training and education of people. Thus, these business corporations attain control over their ecosystems by establishing and making use of latest information technologies (Martzoukos & Haramis, 2009 Hughes & Cotterell, 2005). However, in both cases in business and national security or military point of view the security and privacy management of overall situation is the basic need of all(prenominal) entity. The business and military both need effective security and privacy that can be reach through the effective implementation of technology based solutions. In other words, this can be do through the application of new and innovative technology solution and it needs effective planning and management guidelines. Thus, with effective planning we can be able to get a better solution that leave passing play us an opportunity to effectively manage the business and national security (military operations). These solutions will off er the forces more power to fight against the national issues and problems. On the other hand, businesses will be able to deal with hacking and virus related issues (Martzoukos & Haramis, 2009 Hughes & Cotterell, 2005). In this scenario, we can say that we completely agree with the statement that application of effective planning for and implementation of information technology in civilian and military organizations require essentially similar

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