Sunday, May 12, 2019

Application Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Application Letter - Essay ExampleThey are also a tender working opportunity where one repairs to meet people in the field of ones career, get references from them boosting your resume, and even get current contacts that will enrich your career by being mentors or guides to land that dream job. Also, internship is a field opportunity to apply knowledge previously acquired in class in an actual real life setting. This is a worth proving process on an mortals qualifications assessed by ability to perform the various tasks given. Internship also plays a major role in the building of an individuals confidence.Many PLATT departments must provide compliance training to keep PLATT employees up to date with new and changing laws and regulations. These departments have turned to Information Services (IS) department to develop a solution for cost-effective and cost effective method of providing online training videos to a wide audience as well as small target audiences. In order to avoid silo solutions, IS plans to implement a solution that could in the future, incorporate into a broader Learning Management System.I would like to apply for a job at cisco because currently, many departments provide live presentations of compliance training material to educate employees on recent laws and regulations stallionly lack enough and qualified people to do the work. I will ensure that to cover the entire PLATT staff, they must present this material by mentioning numerous meetings across three different sites. It is meaningful to note that conducting live training is not the good way of using departmental resources. In addition, the away trackings of resources have made it difficult to determine which staff members have not been covered. Further, not all researchers attend presentation meetings thus making it difficult train all PLATT staff.In order to achieve efficiency, it is meaning(a) for PLATT to adopt a more efficient and effective method of training

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