Thursday, May 16, 2019

Film Critique Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Film Critique - Movie Review ExampleThe three main women characters in the film atomic number 18 Marg bet Tate (Sandra Bullock), Gertrude (Malin Akerman) and Grandma Annie Gammy (Betty White). One can easily identify that these female characters are different in their roles. For instance, Margaret Tate is reign, Gertrude is down to earth, and Grandma Annie represents the upper crust. But Krevolin (2011), points out that For an example of an energeiac structure that didnt work, take the Sandra Bullock romantic comedy, The proposal (p. 69). This comment does not prove that the film was a mightily within the film field. A. Margaret Tate Margaret Tate, working as an editor in a book publishing participation is the central female character in the film. One can easily identify that her life is amply immersed in the field of book publishing industry. Her role in the film is as a dominating character that is able to control all her subordinates including Andrew Paxton, her subordinate. Etaugh & Bridges makes clear that Many women seek to achieve succeeder and better their own lives through individual efforts (p. 467). Her attitude towards her subordinates irritates them but she does not consider changing her attitude. In the film, her function is to be a bold lady with immense power to control her subordinates according to her will. Meanwhile, she came to spot that the authorities are going to deport her to Canada. But she was not ready to give up and resolute to seek the help of her subordinate, Andrew Paxton. But Etaugh & Bridges makes clear about gender equality that As much and more women attain levels of power currently held by men, gender equality will begin to expunge other areas (p.461). Later, she went to Sitka to prove that she is married to Andrew Paxton. This incident proves that Margaret Tate is ready to face challenges in her life. In the opening of the film, Margaret Tate is presented as an arrogant lady. When the film continues, more and more positive elements in the character Margaret Tate is revealed. For instance, she was ready to discuss Andrew Paxtons relationship with his father. Moreover, she was ready to reveal her personal details with Andrew Paxton. In the end, she hesitates to drag Andrew Paxton to a sham marriage. Besides, she reveals to Andrew Paxton that her parents were breathless and that incident deeply influenced her attitude towards life and behavior towards others. This proves that she was not aware of the importance of family in wizs life. When she came to know more about Andrew Paxtons broken get by affair with Gertrude and his relationship with his father, she realizes that drawbacks are usual in relationships and family life. Claire Mortimer (2010), compares the film The Proposal with another film The Ugly Truth as The Proposal and The Ugly Truth are similar in their representation of successful career women as discredited and dysfunctional, needing the love of a man to recover their humanity and femininity ( p. 1333). As a woman Margaret Tate was pressure to face a number of issues in her personal life and career. For instance, her subordinated were not ready to accept her as their boss. In her personal life, she was forced to marry her subordinate to escape from deporting to Canada. At last, she realized the importance of love and family life in one

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