Thursday, May 30, 2019

Defintition of History :: Expository Essays Research Papers

Defintition of HistoryThe statement History is nonhing more than a collection of the static facts of the past people who say recital changes are terribly misguided is incorrect. History is more than just static facts when ideas and concepts involved in floor are understood and applied in life. Also, muniment changes when new applications of ideas found in past score are put to use and when new facts about happenings in the past are discovered. The statement is except taking into account the basic facts of history, which are definite things that occurred in the past and is not looking beyond the facts. Beyond just static facts is where true history lies. History is tale of mistakes and successes made by man that all people can learn from, it retells stories of human kinds past and why things are the way they are today. To understand a concept in history such as World War II a person just can not know the name Hitler or the place Pearl Harbor, they must understand the motivatio ns behind Hitlers moves, where he came from, and why countries reacted the way they did. Every person that learns the facts that occurred in history makes choices in their minds on how they compare the things that happened in the past to things that happen in their lives and their time. History does change. It changes for everyone that learns about it. History changes every time a new similitude is made or another lesson is learned. These lessons are constantly being learned in every situation a person is met with. For instance, a young tiddler could touch a flame and be burned, the next time they see the flame they would remember the burn and relate the flame to the last situation and frankincense make the choice of whether to touch it again.

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