Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Graduation Speech -- Graduation Speech, Commencement Address

The Class of 2012. How long have we heard these articulates applied to us? Long years starting with disturbed crayons in kindergarten to inside- issue sweatshirts in middle school to late English essays 13 years of learning from the simplest counting to complicated algebra and calculus, from reciting our ABCs to reading Shakespe be. Imagine, us coming out of our respective middle schools into this monster of a campus. With three times as many people people who drive. People who have cars and are legal adults. Weve been here for four years. Count the living quarters there are 16 of them. Remember freshmen year that infatuation with older students, and how being friends with a of age(p) gave you immeasurable social status? There were some sophomores who didnt tease us for being freshmen, and we clung to them. Remember walking in late to every row on the first solar day of school, and maybe the second... maybe the third... Every morning we rode the yellow school bus. Our first pe p assembly was amazingly loud and we walked out half-deaf. The cheerleaders were trying to get us to shout something, alter we figured out it was double-oh. Remember when our commitment to graduation banner was stolen out of the library? And that first last, day of school promising to meet everyone again come September. Four down, 12 to go. Sophomore year. Well, maybe by the time we were sophomores we may not have been alone settled into our own high-school persona but at least we knew where we were. And maybe, that first day of school, we lifelessness were late to every single class. We well-read the meaning of the word sophomoric that year, and teased the freshmen, getting some symbolic retribution for what the sophomores did to use the year before. Eventually... ...ers ago, so were we. Yesterday has passed. Now we stand on the brink of adulthood. We have counted the cost, weve counted the quarters and paid the price, weve paid four years. Sixteen quarters. Right now we all ha ve a bequest that weve left on Ayer High School, a legacy developed from four years of walking down the halls, eight semesters of sitting in the classrooms and sixteen quarters of developing our personalities. We were the anxious freshmen, the obnoxious sophomores, the lazy juniors and the graduating seniors. But, in 10 years, who are we going to be? Will we still drink Sobes, Jones or Yogochinos? Have the same wallpaper on our computer monitors? Will we still fly out at any hour of the night to go to Dicks or Taco Bell? Whatever the answers, what weve each learned here will remain at the core of the people we become. We are the Class of 2006.

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