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Changes by Tupac Shakur Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Changes by Tupac Shakur - Essay practiceGrossman and DeGaetano in their book Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill A Call to Action Against TV depiction and Video Game Violence (1999) pursue this idea even further, as they prove that media not lonesome(prenominal) conditions children and young adults to violent behavior, but also teaches them the mechanics of killing.The adherents of this theory consider cut medication to be one of the greatest threats for the soles and minds of young Americans. Jay Nordlinger in his article Bang Guns, rap, and silence - violence in rap medicinal drug published in National Review (April 2001) claims that gangsta rappers glory in hoagys and gun violence in song after song after song. He, along with the other social activists tries to stockpile the society that gun violence promulgated in the lyrics and videos of some rap singers is one of the main reasons for the children to bring guns to school and withdraw their teachers and classmates.But its obv ious that rap music videos solely are incapable of creating this effect. Social conditions such as poverty, racial discrimination, substance abuse, inadequate schools, joblessness, and family conflict and dissolution contribute to an environment that fosters violence not right rap music videos.Some journalists and psychologists prove that rap videos are just one of the ways of marketing rap culture. Its true, that for many of the rap singers their music is just the way to earn money and normality, thus they choose their songs with the content that sells successfully. Unfortunately, there is always a demand for violence on our market. Before blaming rap music and videos for encouraging children and teenagers to commit violent acts, we should try to find out why is this music so popular among them. Why American teens and young adults, at list part of them, want to listen and watch songs, clips, and movies where masses abuse, rape and kill each other Maybe something is wrong with our educational system, as its unable to persuade the youth in the futility and danger of violence, to teach them that their goals can be achieved using other methods Or the enigma lies within the society that cannot offer some of its young inexperienced members other sphere for actualizing their potential than that of hatred and violence Typac Shakur, whos one of the most prominent rap singers, of our time made a great shock on part of our contemporaries. His texts expressed the opinions for all of those, who were underprivileged because of their race and financial state. This singer had himself grown up in a poor Afro-American family, thus he knew about the realities that were present in his songs. hemorrhoid of people say that Typac, together with other rap singers often overcharged the difficulties and severities the Afro-American poor have to experience, but, nevertheless, his songs became hugely popular. A question arises here whichs would his creativity have been so popula r if he were lying in his songsTupacs song Changes is one of his attempts to let the world see what is going on in the blocks were the poor Afro-Americans dwell. to the highest degree of us dont believe it until we see it by ourselves, as our

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