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Literature For Children Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Literature For Children - Essay ExampleHe knows when to induce a change in the reputation and perfectly utilize it to his credit. Slowly his writings changed to the dark side as against the inveterate happy give noticeings.In those days William Thackeray was Charles Dickens rival. His works used to have more of a satirical heap and depicts situations of a middle class favour. Hardys literary work used to show the plight of the rural liveness and sorrow and bitterness of the English countryside.Though many writes came into picture with their works but they contained unnecessary plots and scarce were meant to lure the audience to just read those books so that they can become famous overnight, which eventually move flak.Since closely of the children like fairy tales the authors used to write books on those perceptions. The authors used to imbibe super powers to their characters and let on them as saviours who fight the evil and prevail the truth. As comp ared to adult litera ture the authors used more delusive characters that never cheat and abide by what they say. Where in adult literature all the tricks and dirty plots were used and change the plot when and where they wanted. But it isnt like in childrens literature they are soft like beak Pan, adventurous like Huckleberry Finn and as curious as Alice in Alices Adventures in Wonderland.One thing that ever so worked for the authors was to depict the story in pictorial view. They used art as a tool to make the story more enjoyable so that child of any age can understand the story and imagine their heroes in total graphical art.According to Anderson, Even after children peck to read, illustrations continue to precaution to their comprehension. Among the many components of a childs visual world, book illustrations are a beautiful medium through which to learn about their world (p 47). 20th Century LiteratureAs 20th century came by, the childrens literature was change state more and more popular. Ear ly 20th century writers used science and adventure as their tools to pick up the young hearts. Books like Charlotte Webb and Stuart Little by E. B. White were instant hits and liked by children. At the end of the 20th century the children literature became a big boom in the literary business sector. Novels like Harry Potter and Narnia became so much popular that the brand is now worth Billions of Dollars in external market.J. K. Rowlings Harry Potter series has achieved the biggest success ever by any book in children literature. They are not only popular among children even the adult literary critics praise them as one of the great and successful work in literary world. Now children literary works are giving a stiff competition to the adult literary world.Bullying and racial harassment were the most dreaded things that most of the children experienced in the pre and post Victorian period even now it still exists. The major reasons to expire bullying and racial abusing depends on the characters surrounding the respective environment (like parents, neighbours, etc.,), children will face the immediate transaction since they are the immediate guardians to the children, if not this parents or teachers at school whoever are close to the children with respect to cadence get to influence them. Human beings develop or grow by observing the surroundings and so they are called as social animals. The madness of depression is the antithesis of violence. It is a ramp indeed, but a storm

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