Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Marketing Communications about advertising Assignment

Marketing Communications about advertising - Assignment congressmanIt is essential for an organization to identify potential customers before the introduction of the products based on the nature and characteristics of the products. assign target audience for this particular advertising has been provided below.I have a busy daily enrolment and I am really concerned about my good health. I have heard about these types of products, but never heard about these newly developed low in plummet RTE products. I would like to experience these products, if these are really good and hygienic for my health.Major objective of this advertizement is to constrain significant brand sentiency of the newly launched RTE products in the minds of the target customers in Singapore. The organization exit ensure supreme quality of products in competitive price level. The measurable objective is to breakeven within 6 months and become one of the preferable products in Singapore Market.The particular behavioral outcome of this advertisement is to create awareness about the brand among the people. The organization should try to become leader by create awareness among target audience through this campaign. We should try to ensure high brand recall through this campaign.It is important for an organization to position the brand according to the nature and characteristics of products and target customers. To the busy individuals, who have great comfort for each and every second in your daily life, our RTE products have been tested and resulted as low fat and healthy products within the RTE food industry. You can stay safe and healthy if you consume our products. In appurtenance to this, we will offer these products in economic price level to back your earning level. Brand coiffure Statement.The message would be developed is to choose our RTE products if they want to consume high quality food products in limited time period. Teenagers and young adults are our major target customer s. Therefore, we would like to

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