Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Democracy Democracy has become a dominant skeletal frame of the government, that using in many an(prenominal) countries. Democracy is a government form, which is the citizen should fuck off a decision to vote their leader directly for their own republic or elect the leader for the other fusss. Democracy stand gird it, if the majority and the minority party or the association provideing whole caboodle together. Which is ever soybody washstand talk and swallow an notion, than will put the all intellect together and take a better decision for the problem. With clownish form, the unrivalled elected leader will work as maximum as possible for the citizens.Than the citizens can see and make a decision nearly what the elected leader train done to the area and too they constitute elected the right or wrong leader. Democracy is based on the creation, that everybody in the world is the same, no matter what they are a hot seat or a king. In majority rule also engage no distinguishable between how populate look like. For example White and black, pull down class and middle class. Furthermore, not everybody have an equal physically or mentally. The strategic thing, democracy is all human being have comparability. In democracy have an important concept.The first concept is all of the citizens that look in one awkward, that should be equal, which have an humor and an opinion than issues to the public. The important thing, while elect the candidates for the landed estate leader, that everybody needs to listen to the candidates beca drop the candidates have a different ideas and plans to what they will do for the country. The candidates also need a concept of equating to speech in front all of country citizen, which will vote for the option intimately what their plans for the future, if they win as a country leader.Even though, the citizens divide to a different side of parties. The United assign of the States is using the democracy form. F our years ago, Barrack Obama won the election from John McCain as a 44th chairwoman of the United State of America, which was using a democracy form. For the 2012 president election, which Barrack Obama and Mitt Romney were candidates for the president and won by Obama. That is one of example for the democracy form. All American citizen need to take part in the election because all of them are important.They have a better decision to vote and make a remainder between both of presidential candidates for the next four years for America. The irregular concept, the citizens, the government and the candidates should be freedom. This democracy concept is based on equation concept because with freedom people will free to have and issues the idea and opinion to the public and the people also should be listening to severally other. Than combine the ideas and opinion and take a good decision, which is can delay a good name of the country. Democracy depends on citizen participation in all these ways.But participation must be peaceful, respectful of the virtue, and tolerant of the different views of other groups and individuals. Even though the democracy concept is freedom and equality, just now without participation of citizen, the democracy form cannot work. The country needs a citizen to participate and also need respect for the law. The concept of freedom is not about the citizen become a totally free under the government. That problem can only become an anarchy, where have no government to control the country. The citizens are totally free from everything they can do what ever they like.For Example The country has a putridness, everywhere people are poor people and many of them become a murderer to get money, in order to stretch forth their self. Hereafter, the freedom concept has free to choose any religion, to worship and to approach pattern the religion. Further, also free develop their own horticulture t apiece the culture to each other. Democracy als o allows the people move from the country. Furthermore, democracy is the arrangement that follows the rule. The rule of law protects the rights of citizens, maintains order, and limits the power of government. With having a rule of law, the country can be affordable because everything is safe they have a right of citizen. Everybody who life in a democracy forms that will be equal to each other because the citizens live under the law. With the law people cannot do what ever they like because they will get no excuse for it. For example mavin of the government official grafts the money from one of the project. That is a big problem because he or she is breaking the rule of law in democracy form. The sanction at least the government official will go to the jail.For Example Indonesia, if the government Official and a businessman have a problem with to the government or to other problem, and also corruption, will have a decision to go to the jail. Forward, all of citizens and government have equality under the law. No one may be taxed or prosecuted take out by a law established in advance. In democracy country, no one can live without the law, because everybody in one country is all the citizen of the country. Than the citizen cannot make any changes for the law, even for the president cannot break the law because law is established and adhered to.The form of democracy is very good to use in the government. The citizen will have a freedom to chose the country leader, which is they have time to decision and also make it a different for the country, also for their self. Everybody in democracy form always have to get equality between the citizen and the government. The citizen who have an ideas or opinion and can issue their opinion to the government, which is can make any change for the country and help the people in the country.The democracy can make the government easier to control the citizen and the country because the people are obedient against the rule of la w. Further, the country is safer from the criminal, from the project corruption and also can help the citizen to improve their self to become a better citizen than useful for the country. Reference 1. What Is Democracy? What Is Democracy? Web. 09 Nov. 2012. . 2. Grigsby, Ellen. Analyzing Politics. 4th ed.

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