Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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Well where do i start? i started red out with this guy named Derek on April 3rd 2001. I dint even the like him but he seemed like a nice guy so i thought i would give him a try. good we started qualifying out and hanging out alot. Ive always been shy around guys and i was with him at first. Then aft(prenominal) a few months i started olfaction completely comfortable. We hung out like everyday and did everything unneurotic I totally ditched all of my friends for him and he did the same to his friends to me. Well everything was all button well we never really fought or anything. We were perfect i thought so he thought so and so did everyone else. He was my whole instauration he went everywhere with me and i loved him so much. We had the cutest things we did together, i hump we made people sick because of how cute we were. I never though we would interruption up ever Well around our 9 months we instead started fighting and not getting along to well. we were gonna take a &q uotbreak" but we decieded not to that we were fine. (we took a break about 3 months after we started going out becausei kissed someother guy but we went back out and by the way i apologized so much for that i still recover bad about it) but we started fighting more. So we finally took a break it lasted not even 2 long time and we got back together i missed him so much in those 2 days and cried so much than i ever have but because 2 days after we got back together we broke up again. He didnt want to talk or work anything out at all. and it just seemed like he didnt care anymore. Well we broke up and i still really missed him we still hung out and overeat but it was nt the same at all then i was going on vacation to flordia for winter break. i knew he was afraid i would cheat on him there so that was another reason that he wanted to break up. neways we hung out before i went and we kissedd and blah blah then i left all i could do was value about him there. i was there a lil o ver a hebdomad and i only talked to him a few times.

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