Friday, February 22, 2019

Meaning of life †United Kingdom Essay

1. How does Pontiac understand the meaning of freedom?In his opinion freedom meant getting rid of the English who had conque vehement the French and had gained more meet over the Indians lands than ever. He believed they had to turn on the English and pushed them out of their ancestors lands. As he said Although you have conquered the French, you have not yet conquered us We be not your slaves. These lake, these woods and mountains, were left to us by our ancestors. They are our hereditary pattern and we will part with them to none.2. What elements of Indian life does Neolin criticize most powerfully? He criticized Pontiac for using European technology, doing fur trade with the Whites, using their cloths and devour alcohol instead of fighting against the English which he called them the dogs who dressed red and surrendering himself to them. He argued that he (Pontiac) should clothe himself in skins and use the bows and arrows and his customs to fight plump for against their e nemies. 3. How does this document relate to and inform the related part of the Chapter in the main text?This document discusses on how Pontiac started his journey to meet with Delaware ghostly prophet Neolin and on how Neolin guided Pontiac on how he should fight back in opposed to the English by getting back to his tradition that he inherited from his ancestors. 4. What impact did the primary source had on your collar and beliefs? It was very interesting to see how much Indians cared about spiritual beliefs and how crocked their viewpoint were when it comes to their traditional faith. Even though, the English had believed they were faithless and savages, but the legality was they were full of spiritual thoughts.

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