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A Christmas Carol - Description Of Scrooge :: essays research papers

The true interpretation of Scrooge first appears about quarter trend through the book, onward then there are only a few modest references to his character. The description begins metaphoric on the wholey as it features the words A ladened-fisted hand at the grindst atomic number 53. Its metaphorical because it is trying to portray that Scrooge is literally as tight as the hand to the grindstone. wherefore soon after this seven adjectives follow, Squeezing, Wrenching, Grasping, Scraping, Clutching, Covetous, hoar sinner. They are used exploitively as each one has an individual meaning describing seven trates of Scrooges character, which begins to give the reader a visual picture of how the character may conduct himself. So far all qualities of Scrooge have been negative and so it continues. Then the writer brings in the object rocklike and states all the negative qualitys of flint then compares them to Scrooge. As soon as the writer gets across the way in which Scrooge con ducts himself, he moves on to how Scrooge is happy to be by himself. Charles Dickens uses the word Solitary to great effect as it portrays that not only Scrooge stays alone it also gives a second meaning. Its as if that Scrooge does not need anyone else. Then Charles Dickens attempts to compare Scrooge to the weather making him a really moth-eaten hearted character, and explains that even the worse weather can not taking into custody to how cold Scrooge is and how he cares not for anyone but himself. It mentions The cold indoors him froze his facial features, so it portrays that its not the weather affecting Scrooge its how cold he is inside. Its even to the extent that its as if Scrooge carries around a low temperature with him where ever he goes. Its not a physical effect he has, its more of a visual effect as whenever anyone would adjoin him they would experience chills down the back of his neck.Scrooge is a very in good order character as whenever Charles Dickens attempts to describe him he uses words that appear to carry a visual picture giving the reader an appraisal of how truly nasty he is. He clearly states there is no positive trates Scrooge which also enhances Scrooges appearance. Charles Dickens continues with the subject of weather by finishing the paragraph with roughly, The heaviest rain and snow a lot came down handsomely and Scrooge never did.

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