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John Grishams A Painted House Essay -- Essays Papers

John Grishams A multicolor HouseJohn Grishams book, A Painted House places the reader within the w solelys of a round-eyed home on the cotton fields of rural Arkansas. Within the head start few pages, the authors description of the setting quickly paints a picture of a hard working family and creates a divided up business sector with the reader about the familys struggle to meet the basic needfully of life. The description of the dusty roads, the un varicolored board-sided house, the daily chore requirements and their lack of trim cause the reader a reaction of empathy for the family. Although the story takes place in a dusty setting very unfamiliar to most readers, the storyline is timeless and universal. most everyone has a desire to meet the basic take of life, embrace their family ties, and make others and ourselves proud. The crux of this book is that it does an excellent job in showing the reader through others examples and hardships to persevere and neer give up. The title of the book, A Painted House is based on the actual farmhouse in which the Chandler family resides. It was an old house. It was a fine house that had never been painted. For this particular family, paint - like eating meat with every repast - was a luxury. It was not a requirement to pass a painted house. It was not a sign of laziness as the reader energy initially expect. It was a sign of be frugal with money. In this plain example of persevering and never giving up, Mr. Grisham demonstrates to the reader that one notifyt have everything. The story is told through the eyes of seven class old Luke Chandler. Luke lives with his parents and grandparents on their rented farmland in the lowlands of Arkansas. It takes place during the draw lenify for cotton in 1952. Like other cotton growers, these were hard multiplication for the Chandlers. Their simple lives reached their zenith each year with the task of picking cotton. Its to a greater extent than a ny family can complete by themselves. In order to harvest the crops and get paid, the Chandlers must find cotton pickers to help get the crops to the cotton gin. In order to persevere, they must depend on others. They find dickens sets of migrant farm workers to assist them with their efforts the Mexicans, and the Spruills - a family from the Arkansas hills that pick cotton for others each year. In reading the book, the reader learns quickly that l... ...ily is residing in the Chandler b where the Mexicans first stayed. Luke and his parents are traveling to Michigan in order for Lukes father can find a job in a automotive assembly plant, and Lukes grandparents are staying at the old farmhouse with the hopes that the all family will be back together soon. The hope from the reader is that all of the books characters will someday find true happiness. These phratry work hard and our characters seem to deserve more than they currently have. Most readers can appreciate this fe eling because its a feeling shared by everyone. In regards to the unpainted house At the end of the book, only a corner of the house needs painting to be complete. It would have been very easy for our author to have completely finished in painting the house. However, thats not what the premise nor the promise of the book contains. in that respect is a big difference in completing a challenge, and being successful. Although lifes problems and challenges are never ending, the success in traffic with a challenge has more to do with the way it is done than in its completion. The joy is certainly in the journey when reading the novel, A Painted House.

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