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Training And Development At Pizza Hut Management Essay

Training And Development At pizza chantey Management EssayThis report is ground on pizza pie hut eating place located in West London, and entrust digest on the bird-scarer position employees, front of house module i.e. waiters and waitresses. This select was particularly based on our employment last since July 2007, and substantial familiar information based on nurture, policies and so on. In distinguish to de borderine, which extent the make-up follows good practice, learning and knowledge i.e. stpacegic or line of disdain sector conduct.Company background pizza pie hut is owned by the Ameri female genital organ Group Yums Inc, which is one of the largest pizza eatery companies in the world in scathe of twain the number of fall outlets and the percentage of commercialize sh atomic number 18 that it holds. The ships lodge oversees more(prenominal) than 11,000 pizza eating houses and oral communication outlets in 90 countries worldwide. (Digica 08)Bri tains original pizza pie Hut started victorious orders 30 years ago in Islington, due north London, and is now the leading pizza eating house and delivery chain in the UK. The company has over 600 outlets, including over 370 dine-in eating places and over 170 home delivery units, and it employs al approximately 20,000 people in the UK. (Digica 08)Company Vision and Business outlineAccording to the pizza pie hut student information pack (06), the stack of the company is the pursuitTo be the most love and trusted eatery brand in the UKWhereas the passion is, Great People, Great pizza, Great multiplicationpizza Huts vision is the desired future state and aspiration, in which the g tout ensembleery bunk of the sloshed is seeking to focus the attention and aw arness on the whole aspect of the memorial tablet (Johnson 0909). So that pizza hut to be possessed of got a respected and trusted restaurant brand, such as cost- major powerful operations, good feel food and pro vide not bad(p) cling to for their international guests i.e. hospitality gain. The company recognises that in order to achieve their bulky term vision, their employees should be hale screwd and directed, seeing that the returns levels i.e. hospitality is delivered from front line staff, in which will lease overall impact on the goals of the organisation and its magnate to retain customers for continuous repeat transmission line.Pizza Hut do developed an operational schema, which is directly relate to how component parts of the firm jock deliver in effect(p)ly the corporate level strategies in terms of resourcefulnesss, processes and people (Johnson 0909). For ideal, Pizza hut flummox implemented the adjacent strategy step to achieve their overall goalsBuild people strength in order toProvide come back again service withA passion for product that willDrive gross revenue andMaximise attain what is more, Pizza Hut recognizes that in order to reach their line of credit aims, the following principles be all authorized(predicate) to the organizationclient deliriumBelief in PeopleRecognitionCoaching and SupportAccountabilityExecutional Excellence peremptory EnergyTeamworkThis increased emphasis on the restaurant employees is due to the situation the company had issues with a high number of staff overthrow gibe to Management instantly (1998). In which the percentage was high as clx% and resulted in extremely low employee moral. So as a result, Pizza Hut became orderd to transform their staffing policy in order to, get through sales of 600 millionSatisfy 2.6 million customers a week load staff turnover to 50% (Pizza hut student information 06)Comp ard to early(a) accepted competitive fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, who atomic number 18 use a similar strategy to Pizza Hut. For modelling providing calling opportunities that allow their employees to develop their full authorisation i.e. comprehensive training programmes enables a first billet employee to progress through to a fourth-year worry position through merit-based promotions. Since traditionally, it has been unenviable for fast food restaurants to retain staff for long term commitment (charge article 1998). Hence Pizza Hut has followed McDonalds strategy, in order to motivate staff and increase productivity so that profits be maximised.(Times 100 case study)Strategic and Business ledBarham (et al 1988) states they argon two termsStrategic Human resource Development (HRD), in which arises from the organisations vision about what its business should be the abilities and potential of its people and the options available at bottom a given period boundary to help it grow and prosperBusiness-Led HRD is a response to the changing business needs of the organisation, thereby improving its capability to achieve its business goals hence, it nookie be peeed that the vision and strategy of Pizza Hut, according to Barham et al is (1988), is str ategic and business led. For example the organisations vision statement indicates how they wish to be perceived by the atoms of the public, electropositive the potential and abilities of its employees and liberal them opportunities to develop.Moreover the business is responding to the changing needs i.e. trim back staff turnover. Staff turnover is a business risk, Pizza Hut bring in identified the problem and minify the ways in which it affects their restaurants through a structured staff management programme, in which this report will except investigate.Taking into account, that staff turnover has a negative impact on businesses in competitive market which Pizza Hut operates in. Especially when team members are key to its achiever and continuity because the level of hospitality service will determine the rate of repeat business, employee may leave if they are demotivated, by not be treated right by line managers for not world deft to cope with rush hour periods and may l ose self self- arrogance and ability.Consequently, retaining staff and treating them fairly has benefits for the business. Continuity and stability become part of Pizza Huts culture, and staff feel they belong to the organisation and take pride in their work. Skills and competencies are maintained in key business scene of actions and productivity is often increased.On the whole Pizza Hut address to learning and development is in line with CIPD (09) survey which, states 50% of organisations are integrating a leaning and development culture across organisation, i.e. Beliefs in people, coaching and admit have become important principles to Pizza Hut.Training and development approachesBarham (et al 1988) identified lead different training and development approaches which are the followingFragmented approach where training is not linked to organisation goals, and too be perceived as a luxury or a waste of timeFormalised approach -training is gradually creation linked human resour ce needsFocuse approach training is regarded as competitive weapon and is linked to organisation strategy and goals.In Pizza Hut, all stark naked recruits joining the restaurant are sent on a initial induction programme, in which the company introduce refreshing recruits to their job position, their team and the workplace and the organisational background i.e. business values. Secondly, it helps them establish lordly relationships between the employees by grammatical construction their commitment to its visions and goals i.e., Being the most loved restaurant brand and providing great service for customers. (Harrison 09163).Furthermore, Pizza Hut emphasises the greatness restaurant quality assurance system known as CHAMPS which is based on customer expectations of cleanliness, hospitality, accuracy, maintenance, product quality and speed of service. For instance McDonalds (times100 09) supremacy is withal built on the highest standards of quality, service and cleanliness deli vered to customers in each of its restaurants. hence well trained employees at Pizza Hut are the first steps to achieving these standards in every single restaurant.In addition to, CHAMPS philosophy, the company will issue Full service restaurant team member workbook to record on passing play progress and achievement during on going training at Pizza Hut by using specifically designed questions aimed at testing the following areas.Menu knowledge -i.e. leaning the toppings on BBQ deluxe pizzaSalad station setting temperature, shelf disembodied spirit of certain(p) goods when opened, how often certain items needs replenishing etcSystem cash discourse how to cater for customer needs i.e. changing toppings on the server till. Procedures for impact credit card and cash transactions especially since each members are responsible for cash shortages.Health and Safety handling hazardous substances, shrewd objects, eliminating obstruction in the restaurant floor. Operating machinery i.e. oven in a arctic manner and so on.Other fast food restaurants, McDonalds are in addition using similar approach to Pizza Hut, all their impertinently employees have an initial training period in which they are shown the basics and allowed to develop their skills to a level where they are competent in each area within the restaurant. Also similar to Pizza Hut strategy they will besides attend classroom-based training sessions where they will complete workbooks for quality, service and cleanliness. (Times100) pastime the induction, mentoring is carried out. In Pizza Hut employees go through a three hour on the job training and are partnered with a recognised expert trainer. Mentoring has been defined by Garvey (20088) as a process in which a person carries out a councillor and a jock to help stay them in the workplace by familiarising with its customs and processes. The focus is centred on the soulfulnesss and raises business awareness like hospitality service, reducing speed etc.Harrison 09170In addition to being charge to a mentor, on the job training helps new employees gain experience and retain more knowledge and experience regarding the companies key competency areas i.e. storing order details on the server till. Also the initial on the job training partner is flexible and more informal based to digest pressure and help encourage confidence in the new employees ability to perform. For the reason being 56% of learning training development masters intend on the job training of front line employees as an effective way to become accustomed to the workplace. (People management 0610 article)Lastly when the restaurant manager is satisfied with the progress, the employee will be assigned to an ongoing ain Host Training Workbook which is an educational material aimed to enhanced level of professional knowledge and broadening the restaurants awareness i.e. hospitality service in a fast moving milieu. The training workbook introduces the followin g vital aspects of key competences discourse skills importance of excellent communications skills for customer interaction as well with management and team membersInteracting with all types of customers, generating a face-to-face conversation with customers at the doorCommunications with former(a) team members and management to ensure stainless wait times are quoted and ensure effective table turnoverKeeping up to date with team room communications, awareness of CHAMPS and Customer ManiaKnowledge informing customers of deals that are appropriate i.e. family deals and also being able to describe whole menube able to manage queues using the restaurant utilisation toolsusing service recovery to customer issues at the door are effectively resolved or communicated to the replacement manageAttitudes/Behaviour Building rapport with customersCommunicating effectively to establish customer needsDemonstration passion when explaining meal dealsPrioritising effectively, getting most importa nt task done firstBeing proactive when problems on shifts are identified(Harrison 09163). (Internal Host training workbook 09)These are the key attributes restaurant managers look for in their employees, according to CIPD(09) survey indicate 79% employers value interpersonal and 74% regard communications skills as most important for recruitment. For that reason on going host training programme allows employees to master and develop these skills further i.e. product knowledge, experience in dealing with tall(prenominal) customer etc. Especially since this is vital for the hospitality environment.In addition, all front line employees are not limited in eye socket since everyone gets the opportunity to progress further to management level, since 75% trainee managers start out as team members indicating a successful transition. Employees are selected by demonstrating great potential such as outstanding exchange skills, commitment to CHAMPS plus recognition from oppo set support man agers, in order to be recommended for them to be selected management trainee programme. The management trainee program involves dedicated management training centers this involves taking part in various workshops on subjects ranging from business management to leadership. (Pizza Hut 09 website)From the information given we can see that Pizza Hut have adopted a foc apply approach to training and development, as training is an ongoing process in the organisation and is a requirement for the organisations endurance in a competitive and ever changing environment. The focused approach is also linked to various(prenominal) needs as well as the organisations. Pizza Huts approach to training and development is also competitive as it operates in a demanding market and needs to provide a service to its customers which equals or surpasses its competitors level of service. This could help the organisation to gain the upper-hand in its market, by providing outstanding customer service and hig h quality products.Pizza Huts organisation structure and cultureStructure and culture of Pizza Hut restaurant will have implications for Human resource development, since they are closely linked. HRD determines the effective fits in provision in the organisation. According to Handy (1985) recognised quartette following, organisational structure culture modelsThe Pyramid often viewed as a stereotypical large bureaucracy organisation, in which the overall decisions are managed from the top layer. Secondly, the layers harp of a defined hierarchy of functions where the communication is based upon rules and procedures i.e. banking and insurance, hospitals etc.The winnings matrix involves individuals and resources bought together simultaneously due to a project to certain standards and time constraints. Individuals are flexible skilled and expert in their field. thus far teams are disbanded when the project is completed. I.e. construction firms, large consultancies etc.The galaxy consists of independent, highly qualified who pursue their own professional and career interest within a supporting infrastructure of resources and administration. Plus there is limited ascendency of mechanism and management hierarchy i.e. lawyers, GP practices etc.The web and power these are known to exist in small entrepreneurial organisations and family businesses. Activities are relied on trust, empathy and personal communication. A group of people or senior individuals exercise power and influence. These organisations are highly competitive and survival is difficult due to stinting influence in which employee who handle pressure thrive.Pizza Hut structure and culture fits in with Handy C (1985) The web structure and power culture. As pizza huts decisions are mainly undertaken at the top of the organization i.e. the spot office instructs and gives feedback on the CHAMPS standard in the restaurant which directly reflects the front line employees service level, indicating the h ead office balance of power according to restaurant general manager (RGM) . In addition development is also related to training objectives, which benefit the business and the individual employees, for instance areas for improvement where staff can reduce the time for delivering meals to tables, interact with customers more often so that business CHAMP standards are satisfied and increase the customer repeat business in the process. Moreover the organisation moves very rapidly and change are dealt quickly i.e. new products in menu require employees to quickly adapt different techniques and learn promotions i.e. Christmas menus, learning to make smoothie drinks, using new coffee machine, preparing new desserts etc as soon as they are introduced. Secondly, the environment Pizza Hut operates is highly competitive i.e. Nandos, McDonalds etc as well being very sales based, because the head office sets weekly sales target, and if sales target are not met, this results reduction in working hours for front line employees (RGM 09). Therefore to ensure survival in the demanding market, employees rely on each other by working together to balance the workload i.e. communicating personally, building trust and delivering a service which will help increases customer atonement and reduce complaints, especially since the character of the environment is fast driven. So that Pizza Hut convert can retain customers to increase their revenue in long term and ensure survival in difficult economic times.Handy, C (1985)Added Value and Horizontal integratingAdded value is to add to the organisations capability to achieve its goals for example producing results that enable Pizza Hut hay to react well to challenges and threats i.e. competitors , it is also over and above the cost of the initial investiture of Leaning and development (LD) (Harrison, 2009359)In Pizza Hut Hayes, the CHAMPS quality assurance systems is the driving tools towards the operations standards into the restauran t and help deliver the business added value. This is because the head office implemented policies are centered to meet customers requirements hence the long term vision to be the most loved and trusted restaurant brand in the UK, This is achieved by employees being trained to maintain salad ostracize products to quality standards, contributing to restaurant maintenance, consistently delivering and correct orders. Whereas, Customer Mania and How we win together (HWWT) philosophy coexist with the CHAMPS system. These are the status and behaviors used for delivering basic standards by employees, in order to deliver, a positive attitude in a fast moving fast food environment. For example by demonstrating commitment and taking accountability for understanding customer needs, collaborating with other colleagues to deliver the smooth running of the restaurant. Otherwise service will wish consistency and business will not reach their strategic goals (Appendices 1 -USE PPD PRINTS)To measu re the consistency and effectiveness Pizza Hayes employees competences and overall restaurant service, head office will use a mystery obtain programme that collects information against customer expectations using the CHAMPS criteria. In which the results of the survey are fed back to restaurant. So that RGM can use the feedback and compare Hayes against other West London Pizza Hut branches and take undeniable actions to meet CHAMPS targets and add value by achieving its goals set by the.. (Management today article)Horizontally integrate Performance ManagementIn addition, value added is also linked to HR practices of Performance management of Pizza Hut Hayes, the business is horizontally integrated .For example CHAMPS, Customer Mania and HWWT measurings are integrated in all aspect of employee management and also identify what members of the restaurants are doing well and how they can improve to make sure the business succeeds. (Appendices) (Harrison 09323)ship canal in which th is is done byInduction all employees are do aware of performance requirements established in the framework i.e. Speed, Hospitality, Product quality etcJob related training the RGM will agree on the support required for the individual to achieve performance levels i.e. improve interaction with customers so they feel welcomed, taking additional responsibilities i.e. handling telephone orders for multi tasking, improving selling skills by up selling desserts and so on.Appraisal- feedback is given by the RGM on how employees perform to Pizza Hut CHAMPS and Customer Mania standards. Secondly both the RGM and employee agree on key targets to help improve development areas i.e. further opportunities for improvement.Personal development employees are consistently working towards the bosom competence framework, this helps employees expand performance i.e. speed of service, product quality, good hospitality service and creating good relations with customers and employee members. This hel ps the business and keeps employees committed and motivated.Recognition and rewards- all employees are recognised for their efforts for achieving CHAMPS standards, this because with mystery shopping programme individual employees are scored against the CHAMPS criterion and moreover RGM will use feedback from other senior members, and reward employees by giving them certificates, vouchers etc.Whereas customers have also traditionally rewarded employees by giving them tips for delivering excellent service in which the restaurant does not profit from. This is used as a personal motivation and incentive to follow the CHAMPS standards. This satisfies restaurant because customers will repeat business and employees will remain committed to the core competence framework.(Harrison 09162) (Appendices)Overall, the policies capable for performance management in the restaurant are identical to Rebecca Johnson (99) report where front line employees based in a hospitality industry i.e. hotels wer e given performance initiatives, such as being equipped take greater responsibilities similar to Customer Mania and CHAMPS competence and that feedback was measured through a tracking system, in order to determine whether employees performance is adding value to company and customers. This is because adding value helps Pizza Hut Hayes to be competitive and create loyal customer base and thus performance management is carried out for individuals every six months. (RGM)Vertical integrationVertical integration involves integration LD strategy with business strategy at corporate and business unit levels and aiding performance managements, LD at operational and individual levels (Harrison 09323). Since the focus of report is based on the operational level i.e. front line employees who are all provided with an expert workbook to record their progress and have individual targets. In which the head office, corporate level have adapted the policy of developing people capability. Moreover ca reer planning for individual has been quite significant since 1998, 75% employees are internally promoted to management level. For example employees are supported and developed to their full potential by using programmes such as the Expert training programme, as well as the Developing Champions training programme for all levels of restaurant. This also highlights the successful nature training and development being continuous in the operation sitePizza Hut PDF (07)RecommendationsThere are a number of recommendations which we have thought of that may benefit Pizza Hut. Firstly we considered most important was to offer internal promotions to staff, as this may help to reduce staff turnover on a whole. They should also have a more formal training program for their waiters to deal with the fast moving environment and they should also have team training exercises as it will help them perform better with a heavy workload. In addition they can improve further by asking customers what they want and what is important to them. We also recommend that there should be continuous development for the organisations strategic capabilities and the specific, personal capabilities of individuals and teams in order to add value.

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