Saturday, March 16, 2019

No Such Thing As Normal :: Real Indians Eat Jello Native Americans Essays

No Such Thing As NormalWhat is popular? It can be defined as average or regular. Many people perk normal as how the media portrays it in television shows. Generally, the normal family is made up of two parents, two point five children (preferably at least cardinal girl and one boy) and a beloved pet. They also usually ware a minivan or an SUV, a white picket fence and represent in a nice, neatly organized home. My family has some of those traits, but non all. There is no such thing as a normal family because normal families are usually viewed as perfect and they sublimely consume problems. In the reading Real Indians Eat jello by Laurie Carlson, the narrator is a Native American who lives in a trailer park. She reads books that explicate what normal Indians are like and what they do. She nonices that the people she reads about live in deserts, sop up out-of-the-ordinary pets, piss wise grandparents and are have supernatural powers. Meanwhile, she lives in a mobile home, watches TV and has a gossipy granny who makes Jell-O salad. When she asks her grand incur why they dont act like the people shes read about, her grandmother tells her Honey, be yourself (Carlson par. 7). The grandmother doesnt want the narrator to feel she has to act in a certain way just because media demands it. This is similar to my family because we dont feel we have to be perfect. We see the way media portrays the normal family but we dont change ourselves to be the same way. There are many reasons why my family is normal and not so normal in the medias eyes. We have a three-bedroom, two-bath ranch home. We have a beautiful yard (without a fence) and three vehicles, one of which is a Ford Explorer. I have two heterosexual parents, two siblings (one child and one brother) and a pet dog. That, however, is where the similarities end. My father had been divorced when he met my mother at their workplace. He is 20 years older than my mother, which is a rare occurrence in families t oday. He also had two arrogateed children, though they lived with their mother. After they got married my parents had our three-bedroom, one-bathroom (later two-bath) ranch home built. In 1982 they decided to adopt a baby and in 1984 they got me.

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