Saturday, March 9, 2019

Neil Postman Essay

I gestate Postmans main argument is that Television is not meant for teaching solely which is reflected in various different academic studies in his article. That tv fag bedevil educational qualities while being entertaining however that it is not the means to end, edutainment is what Postman dubs Sesame street early on. As seen with the research he has duly noted is rattling conclusive. When we watch tv the average tv watcher only retains 20 percent of what they slang watched. Just from reading that it made me realize how m all hours I pack gasd on Netflix binge watching certain tv directs scantily to find out what happens. To know I only have retain 20 percent of what I have watched, from each episode is sad. other point Postman points ar that once an hour has passed we retain nevertheless less. Which means if I was to go back and re-watch all of the tv shows I have binge watched on Netflix that I would find things I had on the whole forgotten and mayhap forget them again later on afterward not watching them. Which to me seems standardized wasted time for entertainment. Even though at the time it doesnt seem like a waste of time.As Postman points out in the topic of The Voyage Of The Mimi, the political science was willing to shell out massive amounts of moment. A few one million million million actually to get a new program going that is use books as a supplemental visual aid along with telly games. While the main attraction is the tv program. Visual help are usual a snippet of a specially made tv program or movie. To judge that books are supplemental visual aids are very sad. Postman also argues that until now though he does not find Sesame Street non educational he is the less-traveled opinion that kids will only convey to love learning and direct if school is like tv. Education has taken many hits then and even today. With social media easily at our fingertips it is easy for us even to think that by watching videos we can learn , when really it takes much more than that. Books can be opened and reread over and over again at your own footprint. Tv programs where education a paramount can be re-watched but it isnt the same and cannot necessarily be slowed down to the pace we always need.Another student pointed out in class their minorhas a v-tech tablet, which I agree with her, is useful and helps very much to new-fangled children. The classmate also pointed out how the time on it is monitored which is very grand as well. An educational tablet is a fun and useful took for kids and I think can be a great learning tool, like Sesame Street. Except, I think that it is more educational, than say a tv program. It is entertaining but it is reminiscent of a childrens toy that helps kids to learn as they grow which has always been sold in the market graze for years. Many parents are always looking out for the latest and great to help their young children learn as early as possibly before even entering school. T hou Shalt Have No Prerequisites a tongue in cheek commandment but very real as well shows that while a class may have prerequisites a tv show does that, showing that continuity and sequence does not matter for tv programming.Integrating Three Media, or more ordinarily known as multi media presentation, is not new has always been apply modestly to enhance learners education. Years ago the Office of Education supplied bills to WNET for a program titled Watch Your Mouth, which is a serial publication of televised dramatizations of students having programs with the English language while having social issues. While the show was very good, there exists that solid fundamental evidence that the show in any way helped the learners to improve their use of English where in writing or speaking.Which serves as further proof that the Education system was deeply damage for believing that a tv series specially made for the classes would show any sort of improvement. Leading back to the point that while television is fun and can be educational it is best to leave the volume of tv watching outside of the schoolroom, except in specific cases where it does not take up too much of the valuable class time. open fire social media be used for the greater good in the classroom and to help political and environmental awareness while not pickings away from the learning process if used in a towering school social experiment? If so explain how?

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