Friday, March 15, 2019

Critical Pedagogy Essay -- Teaching Education Philosophy

Critical PedagogyThe acclaimed lyricist Oscar Hammerstein once wrote, You suffer to be carefully taught. Most will agree that properly educating children is essential for the honorable of a society. However, the best method of educating students is a much more(prenominal) debatable topic. What is the best way to educate a student? Is it with committal to memory? Discussion? Exploration? Experimentation? Through the ages earthly concerny scholars, teachers, and other accepted individuals have offered their opinions on the science of teaching, or pedagogy. One such man is Henry Giroux, the author of Modernism, Postmodernism, and Feminism. In his introductory chapter to this novel, Giroux sets his principles for faultfinding pedagogy. Among these principles is one whim that reads, Critical pedagogy needs to create impertinently forms of friendship by means of its emphasis on breaking down disciplinal boundaries and creating unfermented spaces where intimacy screw be pro duced. What does this belief mean to me? In order to go out my interpretation of the principle as a whole, it is necessary to infrastand my interpretations of the divers(a) words and parlances that make up the rule. Take the first phrase, to create new forms of companionship I interpret new forms of knowledge as knowledge expressed in forms other than the traditional. For example, old forms of knowledge may be names, dates, numbers, and concrete facts that are memorized without being fully understood. On the other hand, new forms of knowledge may refer to abstract ideas, concepts, and theory, without definite answers. The next phrase of the principle speaks of, breaking down disciplinary boundaries I would define disciplinary boundaries as any boundaries or limits that prevent learning from taking pla... ...-hand. For example, no one should have to figure out on their own trunk that hair is flammable, or that a wet tongue will experience to a metal flagpole on a cold day. So, does critical pedagogy really need to create new forms of knowledge through its emphasis on breaking down disciplinary boundaries and creating new places where knowledge can be developed? Learning in this manner can be beneficial because the information is better understood, more fully realized, and more easily applied by the student. However, this manner of learning can excessively be counter-productive because the information is obtained much more slowly, and little effort is do to learn from previous research and mistakes. What is the most effective way to teach? While the best method of teaching will be under constant scrutiny, all will agree on one point. You have to be carefully taught.

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