Monday, March 25, 2019

Growing Up With Terrorists :: Living With Terrorism

On September 11, 2001, I walked downstairs to take up my breakfast and turned on the T.V. since I was alone. Coincidentally, I turned to the expert channel at the right magazine when the news was informing the community ab appear an event that would change our lives and leave a mark in history. Everyday, things affect us in ways we have never experienced, didactics us new lessons and information which help us grow as individuals, or in this case, also as a nation. Events that affect us personally tend to change our perspective on life and familiarise us even more into the adult world. I had just been aware that our own American commercial airlines had been hijacked and run into the World Trade towers and the Pentagon. Later, on my way to school, they announced that the second of the twin towers had finally collapsed. We continued honoring the news and discussing the current and upcoming events in each of our classes, and finally, as time went by, the story unfolded revealing who was behind it all and why they did it. In history, our instructor taped a T.V. special on the background of Osama stack away Laden, the Taliban, and their traffic with America. Before I pursueed the special, I had never heard the name Bin Laden before in my life, and I did not really subsist anything about the Taliban either, except it was some group in the Middle East. I felt very nave that it was possible that I did not survive of something this big and heavy, and now I had a million questions to ask. Perhaps it is because I do not read the newspaper daily and rarely watch the news that this would come as such a shock to me. I have been relying on my friends, parents, and teachers for information on current events going on in the world, so I never felt the need to in truth search for information myself because it had always been handed to me. I had no thought process that I had been missing out on so many important details about our world, and now all the things that I had been missing out on were instantly making more headlines, and I was overwhelmed.

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