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Business Description of Ben & Jerrys Essay -- essays research papers

Executive SummaryBen and Jerrys is a successful ice rake company with many strengths and weaknesses. The company faces serious competition, financial struggles, economic and companionable influences, all of which be covered in my paper. I also discussed most recommendations I have for the companies success.Ben and Jerrys is one of the top ice plectron companies around. They have had many ups and downs throughout the history of the company, but overall, they have switch most of their hardships. They have some serious competition facing them in the ice flutter industry they have faced financial struggles, versed issues, and some social and economic factors. In conclusion, I have sire up with a few recommendations for the company to possibly improve things in the future. Haagen Dazs is currently the main competitor in the concentrated market shoot for for first-rate premium ice option. Substitutes be however available. There ar other ice creams not in the super premium c ategory. To an extent, these are the real competition. However, for the market B&J caters for, their strategies should not have a great impact on B&J. The frozen yogurt lines which B&J now provides, also has a number of direct competitors to encompass with. Dealing with other substitutes is not that simple. Expensive (or inexpensive) chocolate, cakes, croissants and other desserts are true-to-life(prenominal) options for consumers. Other companies are going to try to assure you that their product is the everlasting(a) accompaniment to any meal. B&J needs to be alive(predicate) of this. How he/she makes the choice for ice cream (as opposed to chocolate, etc.), then super premium (as opposed to premium or ordinary) and finally B&J (as opposed to Haagen Dazs etc.) is imperative.The possibility of bare-assed competition in the market out is limited by two major problems, the brand and distribution. Remembering that these are gameer market consumers, where by cheap alternatives ar e not unavoidably desired, then the key element is the brand. This brand and the image that comes along with it, are something currently only Haagan Dazs and B&J have. This emotional tie relate to B&Js and everything it possesses beyond what it is in itself (a good taste perception ice cream), is something that will be difficult to imitate. It is a question of I wouldnt be seen dead eating another ice cream as o... ...r Ben & JerryStrengthsBen & Jerry have an established and recognized brand name.They have a relaxed, loyal and casual workforce.Good public and social image overdue to their principles in social awareness.Wide variety of flavors in ice cream for customers.WeaknessesBen & Jerry have a limited target market.The suppliers and distributors (such as Dreyers) have high bargaining power, which allows them to raise their prices when they like. They have concentrated more on donating their capital to charities therefore neglecting upcoming changes in trends. Declining mar ket share.Slow development of new products.OpportunitiesBen & Jerry should seek to globalize their product to compete effectively. Change their current suppliers and distributors, which strength enable them to be more cost effectiveThreatsThreat of substitutes economical changes such as in inflation or consumer spending mixer changes within the consumer market such as health conscience attitudes.BibliographyBen and Jerrys ships company Information, 2000. Woody Jackson.1 May 2000Haagen Dazs, 2000.1 May 2000

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